What clothes do men dislike on their wives?

What you need to know:

  • CLOTHES THEY DISLIKE. Men are said to be the ‘visual gender’ and not only do they notice what their women wear. Some men may prefer women in frills while others would go for maxi and loose fitting dresses. SHAMIM J. NAKAWOOYA asks men what they dislike their women to wear and make recommendations.

“If my wife wore clothes that look like rags or short dresses, mini- skirts among others. I would recommend her to wear Islamic wear.”

“Long ago, our ancestors used to put on very decent clothes but nowadays, women wear very short dresses, tight jeans which seem uncomfortable in public. Recommend: Long, light dresses and skirts to avoid temptations.” ABDUL ZZIWA, SHOE SELLER

“As an African, I would not allow my wife to wear clothes which our culture and religion do not recommend. I loathe leggings, mini skirts and dresses. I would advise her to dress decently in line with African culture.”

“She should not wear mini skirts and dresses of which expose some of her private parts. These days Muslim wear such as hijabs, shariah are a little bit styled up. I expect her to wear fashionable hijabs and veils that match her figure.” AHMED ALI KIWANUKA, SPORTS INSTRUCTOR.

“As a practising Muslim, I would be disappointed if my wife wore leggings, damaged jeans, mini-skirts to mention but a few. I’m for long dresses and hijabs.” ISMAEL SSONKO, BUSSINESS MAN

“Nowadays most women have become a laughing stock when it comes to their dress code. I hate jeggings, leggings, mini-dresses which expose her private parts I recommend, long skirts and dresses to maintain her pride.” ABDUL ZZIWA, BUSINESSMAN

“I have two wives and I do not like them to wear jeans, leggings, jeggings, short skirts to mention but a few. I recommend a decent dresscode to maintain their prestige since looks equate to stature.”

“I do not know how I can put this, even if it were not my wife, I loathe a woman in revealing tops, mini dresses and skirts. As a Muslim, I would recommend my wife to go for Muslim wear.”