A real relationship is more than ‘friends with benefits’

In order to make the relationship work, both of you must put in the effort. Photo/Nation Africa

What you need to know:

  • There are instances where the friend with benefits becomes something more. People have relationships that start out as nothing more than a few casual flings, so the fact that your friends with benefits may end up becoming something more serious is never a bad thing.

Nowadays, young urban men and women are getting married later and later. They are also hugely focused on their education and careers, and wary of traditional family values. And that has created a fashion for casual, no-strings-attached sex.
“Friends with benefits” relationships work for some, especially those who understand the rules. They are not dating, they are just having fun. There is no pressure to see each other every day. Or to keep in touch. And they do not the things real couples do, such as leaving clothes in each other’s houses, or double-dating with their friends. Or kissing “hello” in public. So no one else knows about their relationship.


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