Are you relating with an unrefined person?

What you need to know:

It is dismaying that after several civilisations there are still humans who behave like Neanderthals

The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History states that Neanderthals were the first fossil hominin species discovered by scientists in 1856. They lived more than 50,000 years ago, before modern humans came into existence. Through a process known as introgression, it is believed that modern humans mated with Neanderthal and that most people still have about three percent Neanderthal DNA.

Fortunately or unfortunately, because humans and Neanderthals only had children outside of Africa, you will not find Neanderthal DNA in present-day African people. This is why it is dismaying that we have people who behave as if they were direct descendants of those ancient people.

Their habits which are now referred to as Neanderthal were understandably shaped by their environment. Since then, the human race has gone through several civilisations because at some point, the Neanderthals went extinct. Scientists are yet to find the cause for their extinction but in my humble view I think it had something to do with the way they related with each other. And this might be the reason why you meet people that are unable to make any relationship work. So how do you tell you are in a relationship with a Neanderthal?

They use silent treatment

Neanderthals used this method to communicate with their partners because their speech and vocabulary were not developed. Their speech was made up of nothing more than grunts and groans. So it was understandable if they did not have sufficient words to use to express their feelings and opinions to their partners.

That is why it is dismaying that someone in this century can resort to that form of communication with the available the roughly one million words in the English language and yet, most people are at least bi-lingual. Do such people know that relying on this method of communication is trying to solve a modern problem with an outdated solution? Does it ever surprise them that their modus operand never works?


This was a method of conflict resolution in the Neanderthal days because they were more muscles and less brain. Strangely there are people still using assault and battery to settle scores. A person who uses their fists is clearly unable to use their brain and therefore has no place in modern society.


I will desist from making mention of any associations here. However, I will just give a historical perspective of why miserly, meanness were common with Neanderthals. Those days, life was hard, Neanderthals, often living in colder and drier environments than their human contemporaries, needed more energy to simply live.

To cope with their dietary demands, Neanderthals probably had to live on gigantic animals such as mammoths, because they needed to retain fat longer in poor conditions. If you have seen a picture of mammoth then you should know it required a lot of brutal strength to kill.  So, once one had succeeded with the hunt, they needed to grind stones to get fire and enough wood to roast the fatty meat. 

Owing to all this great deal of effort, by the time the meal was ready, not many people were as generous as they ought to be. But what explains you growling at your mate because they have shared the rice that was about to expire with a starving neighbour? Or shouting until your veins on your neck stand out because she has asked for money to go to the salon?