As you pray for your spouse, remember to do the same for his, her friends too

Christine Nakalungi

What you need to know:

Without friends life is boring...

We are partly defined by who our friends are. As the saying goes, ‘birds of a feather, flock together’.

It is true that we are not entirely identical to our friends. You have friends who like different stuff from you do but most of the time you have so much in common, such as hobbies, beliefs, and habits. Most of the time, our remarkably close friends become our reflection, biggest fans, and supporters because they are with us through almost every step of our life.

Many times, you might confide in your best friend before you even think of informing your sister or brother. There are some conversations that your best friend alone can hear and take them to his or her grave.

Best friends hold a big part of our life and they could destroy us in a minute if they decided to.

A best friend can lay their lives down for you and sometimes they can hold your marriage in their palms. So yes, as you pray to God for a good spouse, pray too that he or she has good friends.

If your spouse has good friends and they like you, they will defend you even before your spouse but if his or her friends are the rotten tomatoes, they will cover for him even when they know he or she is cheating on you. Yes, they will lie to you with a smile on their faces, “He only has eyes for you.”

Most times before someone really decides to marry someone, they may need some sort of confirmation from the friends, family, or pastor.

Bumpy rides?

Although he might have decided already, he or she might ask the closest people in his/ her life to know that no matter the new person in his/her life, the close people’s opinion still matters.

So however beautiful or qualified you might think that you are, when his friends do not like you, you are likely going to experience a bumpy relationships.

And even if you think that you are a good husband, when she runs to her friends with some complaints, pray that they do not encourage her to beat you up or visit the divorce lawyer.

Her friends are likely going to be in your life for long, they will be her biggest supporting system when she becomes a mother so do not push them away just yet but pray that God turns them into good friends to not only her but to you too as a family.

Sisters, his friends might be annoying and keeping him up late watching soccer, but they might just bail him out financially if he ever needed it so yes, do not pray for God to cut off his friends but rather that they become great friends and uncles to your children.

Without friends, life is boring. Your spouse might be your best friend but is not your only friend.

Just like you marry him and his family, consider yourself being ‘married’ to his friends too. And you will leave happily ever after.