Did your wedding leave you in debt?

Plan ahead of the wedding so you don't over spend.

What you need to know:

Financial checks. Weddings often tend to cause much excitement, probably because it is a special day, when you get to legitimise your relationship in front of the people who matter to you. Some people, however, get financially excited and forget that there is actually a life after that day.

The day you, your family and close friends had been waiting for is gone. Lots of money – savings, contributions, loans - has been splashed on preparations, planning, replanning and eventually the D-day. There was merry making all over the place and after the function and probably an exaggeratedly-expensive honeymoon getaway. But you are back to reality, and you are broke!
It is no secret that the enormous expenses on wedding days strip several couples of potential savings, and leave many in huge financial debt.
Because of the heavy financial investment in today’s marriage ceremonies, some couples have now become conscious about planning for life after the wedding.
Before Mr John Meddie Segane and his wife Lydia Segane tied the knot in May last year, their budget read about Shs20m. However, prior to the wedding, their pastors told them to prepare for the honeymoon and the time after.
“I was stressed by the whole wedding preparations and the ceremony but since we had planned for the aftermath earlier, I stayed focused,” Mr Segane says.
A couple’s financial status determines how much they will spend on their wedding and how they plan for the period after.
The Seganes advise about the importance of spouses talking and planning together for the post-wedding period.
These were some of the things they did during their advance planning.


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