Engaging in self-growth as a unit

The concept of self-growth for personal development and growth, whether achieved as formal or informal processes at an individual level or throughout an institution’s culture, forms the basic foundation of one’s way of being. Since each individual is different with divergent life goals, the concept of self-growth can be liberating yet challenging.

It requires an awareness of one’s own values and goals, and knowing how to achieve the desired goals according to one’s personal definition of success. In a relationship, self-growth is an integral part of its success. Without making strides in person and encouraging your partner to do the same, it would be very hard for the relationship to survive. 

Self-growth is often defined by taking a step away from loved ones to focus entirely on yourself. But carving out moments for well-being and personal development does not always necessarily have to be a solo routine. Practicing self-growth routines with your partner has double the reward; you are not only reaping the individual benefits, but also deepening your relationship and connection as a couple.

Set aside time each day to talk about your goals together. Setting and reviewing goals on a regular basis is generally a great way to make sure you are always working toward your long-term vision for your life, and it can be a great way to feel in control of your present and future. Sharing this habit with your partner, however, can make you all the more efficient and dedicated to those goals because you have someone holding you accountable.

Sometimes, to overcome an obstacle or work toward a common goal, outside guidance provides a fresh perspective that a couple can learn together. Reading is a great way to reduce stress and build new skills, and sharing that experience together allows couples to bond over new material at the same time. 

I know we are not a generation that does much reading anymore so maybe you could substitute that with a self-help vlog or podcast (or whatever medium suits you both best). 

Help your partner understand that practicing self-improvement does not mean that they are a terrible person. But like every human being, one must evolve, grow and that all progression requires change.