My love for him has not changed one bit

Bryan committed to Prossy because  he had never seen a person who cared for him ‘better’ than  his own parents.  PHOTOS/COURTESY 

What you need to know:

The more time Bryan and Prossy spent together, the more their love for each other grew that he did not put in any effort to win her over. In fact what their lips could not say, their hearts knew.  Almost 10 years later, the couple that met at Kansanga Miracle Centre are still going strong, narrates Edgar R. Batte.

On June 30, 2013 Bryan Nitusiima bought clothes and shoes for Prossy. It was Pastor Isaac Kiwewesi wedding anniversary and Nitusiima planned to propose to his girlfriend.

After service she went back home.

The person Nitusiima had contacted to keep her around until the proposal time failed at his task.

So he needed a Plan B. In a fit of panic, he asked the church’s administrator, with whom she worked closely, to seek her help with the pastor’s anniversary luncheon.

She returned but in more casual clothes.

Nitusiima was uncomfortable about how their photographs would turn out.

Nonetheless, he kept at his job, interpreting for Pastor Kiwewesi at the luncheon. Afterwards, Kiwewesi said his interpreter had something to say.

Nitusiima went on to tell his love story.

“I have been to South Africa, Rwanda, Israel, Ethiopia and I have lived in Uganda where all the women are beautiful and intelligent. However, there was a beauty and intelligence I was looking for that I found in this girl,” he narrated as he moved through the auditorium. He then stopped in front of Prossy, who was seated in a corner, went on his knees and asked for her hand in marriage.

“She was trembling so she hid in my jacket. She said yes and 10 months later, I put a ring on it at Kansanga Miracle Centre,” he recollects.

“I will never forget that day. It was and is the happiest day of my life! I did not expect that he would propose to me not because I was not confident of his love, but it came as a surprise,” she says.

He is a deacon and music director of Kansanga Miracle Centre as well as a show host on Rest Television and on Bob FM.

She is one of the administrators in the church. The couple have a daughter and two sons.

Initial meeting

“The first time I met my husband was during my Senior Six vacation. I had seen him several times ministering in church and I felt like ‘this guy has an amazing voice’. I actually fell in love with his voice before I fell in love with him,” she recalls.

She joined the church ministry because a friend had asked her. She met Nitusiima and he told her about the rehearsal programme.

She showed up on time the next day.

“The moment I saw him, I thought to myself this is my ‘future husband’,” she reveals.

They became friends, the kind who cared for each other.

The more time the two spent together, the more the feelings for each other grew. You could say that what their lips could not say, their hearts knew.

“He actually did not put in any effort to win my heart because the more time we spent together, the more our love grew,” she confesses. She redefined love to him through her care towards him.

“It was like no other! Having grown up with a single mother, I was sure of undivided love and attention which meant my spouse had to outdo my mum and grandmother. She surpassed all the standards, believing in me even before we got married,” Nitusiima affirms.

His recollection of meeting her is of a quiet girl who was not part of any groups, a thing that captivated him. She sang soprano and he was a tenor. He was convinced to commit to her thanks to her character; she acted mature, beyond her age, she dealt with older people, never was she involved in vain talk and groups, traits that drew his heart towards getting to know this woman more and more deeply.

“I found her very responsible. I knew she would be able to take good care of our children by how she cared for me and the stories she told me about her kid brother,” the man in love recounts.

They started dating, a phase she describes as memorable because they got to love each other more, got to appreciate one another.

“I am a picky guy so most of the times she got a little uncomfortable because I almost noticed something wrong most of the days we met,” he says.

True love exists

“I still believe that true love exists and that two people can relate and be happy every day and still be fond of each other even after years together in marriage. My love for him has not changed one bit, it only grows stronger,” Prossy, now Mrs Nitusiima, explains.

She adds, “My husband is a wonderful man. I love the way he loves me, I am super proud of how he treats me and how he loves the children, how he goes out of his way to make us happy. Even at his lowest, he has us in mind and that speaks so much of him.”

“His heart is so pure that you can see through it. He is a true gentleman, full of charisma. Above all, he loves God so much and that is exhibited in the way he ministers,” she adds.

The couple plans together.

“When both salaries come through, we split them and divide accordingly; what to save, spend, enjoy and who to pay. We have a joint account and individual accounts,” he explains.

Like any marrieds, they have their share of ups and downs but most often moments of ‘why did I not find you earlier?’


Nitusiima adds that life asa married couple is a commitment that is doable if you put our heart to it.

“If you’re not sure, if you want to go there because a friend is married, if you also want a gown experience, if you want to get back at exes…then don’t waste your time, your spouse’s time and the time of those who will contribute and attend your wedding! Marriage is more than just fun of the event. It is a reality that must be handled soberly,” he advises.