Our relationship started from zero while still students

Richard Kayemba, 38 and his wife Rosemary Nabuuso, 31 both teachers and residents of Kirinda village in Masaka city\.

What you need to know:

Love is patient. Richard Kayemba, 38 and his wife Rosemary Nabuuso, 31 both teachers and residents of Kirinda village in Masaka city. The duo started their relationship from the University of Arua in 2011.

Richard and Rosemary met in 2011 at Arua University when they joined the University .At a time; they were doing the same course of education. According to Richard, he was entrusted by the students and was elected guild president, and he saw capability in Rose and appointed her as secretary to the cabinet, they got so close.

According to Richard, since then, they started spending most of their time at campus together, during discussions and their free time, they formed a strong bond and later realized that they had a lot in common, after a while, the two started dating.
“Rose is such a beautiful and hardworking lady, very intelligent and I have always considered her as my rib,”

“I started noticing his love and care towards me, he would always check on me from time to time, he would advise me on my coursework, and always supported me financially and I fell in love with him, ” Rose shares.
According to Rose, Richard is handsome, intelligent and God fearing whom she could not let go, he has loved her to the moon and she loves him a lot too. Rose says that she has never once wished to lose him because he understands her character, cared for her during their struggling times and is a man she always dreamt to marry.

According to Richard, he started living together with his fiance in 2013 during their school practice which was very challenging since they were not salary earners.
“Since we were both just practicing teaching, we had no money to sustain ourselves, life without money, and no salary, was very difficult to live, but we always joined efforts to make our ends meet,” Richard said.
On September 30 2017, I visited Rose’s parents for an introduction.
“We made the introduction very organized and simple and everyone enjoyed it. But before that, I took her out where I declared my true love and my intention to marry her, I proposed to her and she accepted,”
After an introduction, we decided to make it official so that we could be recognized as husband and wife.

Wedding arrangements:
We started informing friends and relatives about our intentions to officially get married.
We proposed a budget of Shs27m and we raised even much more money prior to the wedding.
The most challenging thing during our wedding preparations was time. Managing time between work and wedding meetings was a challenge since we are both teachers and the wedding took place during school term, and everything needed time.

During preparations, we sought guidance from our colleagues like Steven Ngobya and Mr Augustine who managed to move our wedding plans well. Even where we could not reach, the duo played a big role towards our wedding preparations.
Before their wedding, they had their premarital counseling and they learnt the importance of taking family decisions together, working together and also praying as a family which could help them in raising their children well.

Wedding day:
With about 500 guests, the couple exchanged their vows at Our Lady of Sorrows Kitovu cathedral in Masaka city on August 19 2023 and Rev.Fr Gonzaga Kiyimba was the main celebrant.
The couple says that they chose to use white and pink as their theme color because their love depends on transparency.
Richard says that he was excited to hear his wife saying “I DO” because he had promised her that he would marry her since they were in a bad situation, it was a big achievement seeing his wife happy.

According to the couple, seeing their parents around was very important for them.
“It was such a surprise that my mum’s midwife who helped her bring me on earth attended our wedding, that made me very happy,” Richard recalls.
The couple had their beautiful reception at Samaliya Palm gardens and Star zone and NK decorators made their day colorful. Reaching the venue, Kayemba recalls that all his guests were in place which gave him joy.
The couple had their honeymoon at Terrace beach Nabugabo and later went to Kalangala for a one week holiday. “We enjoyed fresh air, fish and swimming at the lake,”.
The couple advises those who are willing to marry to believe in God and always embrace humanity in their lives.
The couple says that honesty and communication have been the pillars to their marriage  advising those intending to marry not to create the gap among themselves.

“Richard loves culture and religion, he makes me love him every day, I am lucky I married him because I have never lacked anything since I met him, even when he is not well off, he makes sure he makes me happy each and every day, we have never fought, when there is a misunderstanding, we find a solution for it, I am proud of my husband,” Says Rose.

The couple also advises those planning to wed to take their time and plan within their budget and go with what they can afford.
Given a chance to marry again, Rose says that she would make sure Rema Namakula appears at her wedding and sings for her.