She was disappointed but his Patience paid off

What you need to know:

Ronnie McVex Musiimenta married Patience Mbabazi on May 22, at All Saints Church, Nakasero. The seven year relationship of the radio personality/comedian and the love of his life started in disappointment, Isaac Ssejjombwe writes.

Ronnie McVex Musiimenta met Patience Mbabazi at Uganda Martyrs University,  Nkozi in 2014. She was the students’ minister for culture.

Musiimenta, whose name, when loosely translated from the local Runyankole dialect means ‘How can I praise Him’ was slated to perform at the university’s Cultural Week grand finale.

“We had never met. She got my contact trying to find out how far I had reached because I was getting very late. Upon arrival, her first statement was, ‘I am disappointed,” Musiimenta says.

“I looked at this very beautiful but tough lady and deep in my heart I said ‘You are appointed’.”

He went on and wowed the crowd with his performance, and won her over, with his personality.

They kept in touch and before he knew it, they started dating.

God above all

Throughout their seven-year relationship, the power couple says their belief in God has been key.

 “God is everything for us. And because God is love, love is everything we lean onto,” Musiimenta says, adding that they respect each other, but above all, they communicate.

The radio presenter adds that Mbabazi has been patient with him, believes in him, and always encourages him by telling him how much of a genius he is at what he does.

“She is basically my greatest fan and cheerleader. I am so much assured that even if I was from a different country, it still would be her because God predestined that it would be her to make me complete. She is surely my lost rib,” he gushes.

On the other hand, Mbabazi says that the first thing that got her so close to Musiimenta is his love for God. Besides that, he is also a great worshiper and she believes he is the most multi-talented performer in Uganda.

“Ronnie is so loving and he is such great hype. There are never dull moments when he is around. There is more than enough. For us, being able to live life together, love each other and laugh through it all, is our greatest achievement. All the other things such as money, properties and so on are vanity but our love is a story for eternity,” Mbabazi narrates. “He is the man I would choose again and again. I have said it before and that will never change. He is everything I prayed for in a husband.”

The wedding/reception

And so she chose him on May 22, 2021 at All Saints Church Nakasero. The vows were presided over by Rt Rev Johnson Twinomujuni, Bishop of West Ankole Diocese.

At the reception held at Hilltop, Naguru,  the couple wanted an open space where they would have the liberty to transform  it into what they envisaged for their beautiful wedding; all their 250 invited guests showed up.

“We had a wedding that we hoped would bring glory to our God. It was a beautiful and colourful wedding and we are still so excited we pulled it off,” Musiimenta, says.

Luckily everyone ate and drunk.

“I guess that day we provided supper to some single guys,” Musiimenta muses.

Their seven-year relationship is blessed with a son, Ethen Musiimenta, who the comedian refers to as a wonderful, highly favoured and blessed boy but doesn’t rule out others who are under manufacturing by the grace of God.

 The trials

Like any other couple, the Musiimentas have had their fair share of trials but will always remember how they had to cancel their honeymoon midway due to Covid-19.

“My wife and I took our Covid-19 tests as a prerequisite to travel. Our results came out negative. We then set for our destination and got there full of energy and ready to enjoy each other,” Musiimenta says.

But on the third day of their honeymoon, Ronnie started shivering, experienced joint pains and a headache. His wife said it was fatigue since he was so up and down organising the wedding. But he felt weaker each hour that passed.  Then flu kicked in and he lost appetite.

“We boarded a plane and flew back to Uganda.  Upon landing at Entebbe Airport, we were subjected to mandatory testing since we had travelled back from a high risk country,” Musiimenta remembers.  “My results came out positive. I partially saw it coming because of how I was feeling. My heart started beating so fast, I started seeing the RIPs I had viewed on other people’s statuses. It was the worst feeling ever,” he says, adding that he was only comforted by his wife who encouraged him to be strong.

He was isolated, put under strict care, started receiving medication, and switched off his phone.

Musiimenta believes he recovered by God’s grace and urges the public to remain vigilant because Covid-19 is real.

“It is painful and it could devour you,” he says.

“Do not be scared to speak out. Do not be selfish to stay among your friends when you know you are sick. Mask up, socially distance, wash your hands, sanitise,” he advises.

I date her everyday

With seven years of dating experience, the couple is in a good position to give other couples some advice.

The Musiimentas agree that people in love should not be swayed by the treasures of this world but should just hold onto each other’s love and support each other.

“The greatest victory you will ever celebrate with no bends, is the victory you have gained with the person you walked the journey with. It leaves memories and marks to track your success,” says Mbabazi.

“But above all, keep God at the centre of your relationship. Trust each other. It is not easy but it is doable. Listen more, talk less,” adds Musiimenta.

While Mbabazi says she would choose Musiimenta again and again, the comedian says that he dates his wife everyday even though they are married.