The barkcloth stood out at my wedding

The couple recall meeting at a mutual friend’s place for a luncheon and exchanged vows on march 4. PHOTOs/ESTHER BRIDGET NAKALYA 

What you need to know:

  • Although Baguma did not mind wearing barkcloth on his wedding day, his bride, Martha had reservations. In the end, they reached a compromise.

It is not common to find a couple who opt to wear barkcloth at their white wedding. Usually, barkcloth is suitable for a traditional ceremony. However, Joshua Joseph Asiimwe Baguma chose to incorporate it into his wedding suit during his union to Martha Kamaliza.

“I did not mind wearing barkcloth and I wanted to include it because I knew it would match well with my suit,” he shares.

The groom was dressed in a cream and orange suit. According to Joshua, the barkcloth was his auntie’s idea, who gifted it to him on his wedding day.

“My aunty, Jose Hendo, a fashion designer in the United Kingdom, travelled to Kampala for my wedding with it as a gift for me and I loved it,” he confirms.

Martha had reservations but luckily, she had opted for a changing dress that would complement his look.

“I wore a red changing dress with cream details and a uniquely wrapped fascinator to replace my crown,” she explains.


The couple recall meeting at a mutual friend’s place for a luncheon where they felt extremely liberal with discussions about their lives.

“I was carried away by how genuinely we shared our pasts with each other as strangers which made it more comfortable to be around her,” Joshua reveals.

Since he had major trust issues with relationships before, her honesty helped him overcome his fears. As the two grew comfortable around each other, they say they were inseparable.

 The proposal

After dating for over a year, Joshua popped the big question. He said on a green carpet filled with red roses and spot lights engraved on the white boards that read; Marry me.

“It was unexpected, all this time she knew I would propose to her at my mother’s house in the UK so she did not see this coming here in Kampala,” he says.

Martha was nervous and surprised by his kind gesture of love.

“He asked me out for lunch and I was well dressed in a black jumpsuit and silver drippings on the bust area to accessorise the look,” she explains.

Her smile at most he admits made the evening and she was clearly blown away by the surprise. Martha could not help but accept his proposal noting the caring and open-minded gentleman he is.


The couple exchanged their vows on March 4  at the Fountain Serena Kigo and later treated about 350 guests to a reception at Serena Coliseum gardens.

The bride was dashing in an off-white lace mermaid gown.

She explains, “I wore a laced mermaid gown with angelic wing details on the arm helms with a matching necklace to compliment her V-necked cleavage area.”

The couple was wedded by Bishop Joshua Lwere of Grace Assembly Church.

The groom recounts stressful and exciting preparations. He shares the challenges in mobilising resources and dealing with service providers.

“I am naturally a hands-on person as a consultant which made me want to handle almost everything myself,” he notes.

This made him overwhelmed by the arrangements but gave him the satisfaction of accomplishing the tasks and fulfilling his expectations.

Making it work

The couple recognises openness and their faith in God to be the sole driver of their marriage.

As from the beginning Joshua and Martha decided to be outspoken with each other which has created more trust and less doubts among them.

“Before I get to overhear anything else where, my partner is my first source which limits the blames and makes us more understanding towards each other,” they say.

The couple is not afraid to share truths about their lives with each other and encourage other couples to follow suit.