Things to keep in mind when choosing your wedding hairstyle and makeup

What you need to know:

There are those things that we normally ignore but may end up affecting your final look as a bride, and if you are not careful, things may turn out different from what you expected.

Usually, when a bride undergoes makeup and hairstyle trials for their big day, they consider aspects like how the makeup and outfit look on them. However, there is more to this.

There are those things that we normally ignore but may end up affecting your final look as a bride, and if you are not careful, things may turn out different from what you expected.

Here are some of them;

The venue

It may seem normal to some but choosing your makeup and hairstyle before coming to a conclusion of where your ceremony is going to be held might land you into a pit. Few people may put it to their mind but the venue of your wedding ceremony will highly affect what kind of hair and makeup you wear. The hairstyle and make up suitable for outdoor and indoor weddings differ.

Doreen Mulungi, a newlywed says when she was discussing her hair options with her hairstylist, she ended up going for something she hadn’t planned on doing.

“I wanted to let my loose and just have a tiara on, but when I told my hairstylist I was having an outdoor wedding, she advised me to braid it instead,” says Mulungi.

According to Kleith Nalumu, a hairstylist in Kampala, if a bride is to have their wedding outdoors, they need to consider opting for braided hair or keeping it short, “Depending on the breeze of the venue, loose hair may be displaced easily.”

However, Nalumu adds that if one doesn’t want to braid their hair or keep it short, there are hair products that help keep hair intact so the bride can still style as desired.

When it comes to makeup, Habiibah Namutebi, a self-made makeup artist says before applying makeup, a moisturizer needs to be applied on the brides face, to help keep the makeup intact in case of too much sun that may cause the bride to sweat, ruining the foundation. However, if there is a bit of wind blowing, it helps keep the makeup intact too.


Like it or not, your outfit will have a great stand in the choice of the makeup and hairstyle you are to end up with.

Nalumu says, the colour of your wedding gown, neckline and sometimes its texture will determine your kind of hairstyle, “For example, off shoulder gowns usually make most people feel bare around the neck area so they opt for loose hanging hair to help cover it up.”

Marina Nansubuga, a business woman says on her wedding day, she wanted her hair in a ban, but her gown was off shoulder, “My stylist insisted that it would make me look too plain so she advised me to at least have a necklace on.”

However, when it comes to gowns that cover up more, Nalumu says it is usually better to have an up hairdo because hair left hanging may bring too much detail.

On the side of makeup, a large percentage of brides wear white gowns and if this is the case for you too, you need to stay away from colourful makeup.

According to Olivia Nakasinde, the CEO of O’s Makeup, neutral makeup is the best way to go whether your are wearing white or not. It gives the bride a chance to avoid changing their make up in case you are to change into another dress later on since neutral makeup blends in with just anything.

Theme color

The theme colour may not heavily affect the bride’s hairstyle, however; it may affect the hair accessories. Nalumu says to keep a uniform environment, your hair accessories need to at least match a certain colour in your décor, as for the makeup, it just needs to be kept neutral.

Your hair and skin type

Different people have different hair types and not all of them may fit into the same style. According to Nalumu, the length, texture and colour of your hair will highly determine the way it needs to be styled, therefore the bride needs to be open to exploring the different suggestions that her hairstylist brings.

She however adds that if a bride wants a hairstyle that fits long hair and hers is short, they can use hair extensions, and if she wants to change the colour, they can still make it happen.

When it comes to makeup, Nahya Shero, a makeup artist and CEO of Nahya glam says, different people have different skin types and tones therefore not the same makeup can be applied on everyone.

“You need to look at the tone of your face, this is what will determine the perfect type and shade of makeup that suits you.”

Using the wrong makeup on your face may lead to skin complications or irritations at the end of the day. This is why trials are also very important.

Nansubuga also admits that using a cheaper makeup artist is one of the regrets she has never gotten over, “I woke up the morning after the wedding and my face was burning. I had skin rash all over, when I visited a skin specialist, she said my face had gotten a reaction from a certain product used.”

Wedding time

The time of your wedding celebration can help determine your bridal hair and makeup decision. This is because as time goes by in the day, the lighting and weather also change.

Nalumu says hair updos are usually best for the mid-morning time since it is a bit hot and the bride needs to have comfort and avoid being covered up in sweat. For evening time, she adds that you can let your hair hang if you want to.

However, Nalumu says the wedding time doesn’t usually have that much effect on the way you want to wear your hair, you can wear it the way you want to as long as you feel comfortable.

According to Namutebi, avoid wearing makeup shades that are darker when it comes to evening time. Apply some light foundation so as to bring out a bright spark on your face.

Aside from all this, a bride must keep an open mind and listen to a professional. However, they must also put their preferences first and make sure they choose something that will make them comfortable and enjoy their day easily.