What to consider before choosing a cake for your wedding

What you need to know:

Although cakes like red velvet, black forest are currently trendy, it’s good to choose a cake type that will generally be liked by everyone.

As you set your wedding date, apart from ensuring that church is well catered for, as well as the attire the next thing that is thought of is the cake. This is very much important as it spices up the function.

When Rebecca Zalwango thought about which kind of cake to have at her wedding, she considered a flavour that would appeal to all her guests, both urban and those that came from the village.

“Many might say that it’s common but I had to remember that not everyone would love the trending types,” she reveals, adding, “I am happy that every person enjoyed and no one complained of a weird taste of my cake.”

Like Zalwango did, there are quite a number of vital points or things you should put into consideration before settling down on which type of cake to have.

Mind the colours

Taking a look at which theme colour (s) to use is important Asha Batenga, a baker points out. She says because a cake is a centrepiece, using the same colours for the theme and the cake will make it disappear. “The safest colours are white, cream, ivory, gold and silver,” Batenga guides saying, such colours can match any theme.


Brian Kasozi, a baker with Paradise Bakery says that even before choosing which design to have, it’s imperative to have at least an idea of what the venue is like. “Your venue choice can really influence the design details of your cake like delicate buttercream icing won’t withstand the heat as well as sturdier fondant at an outdoor wedding,” he clarifies.

Still on the venue, Batenga says, unlike indoor receptions, outdoor receptions are most likely to have an effect on the cake because of the levels. “Sometimes the cake gets bent due to the shaking table which calls for a flat level. You can also invest in a platform for the cake,” she explains. While having an outdoor wedding, mind about things like the strong wind which can shake the table or even blow off the cake, ants, flies and bees.  However, people who opt for bigger closed tents are safer and protected from the above elements and insects.

Consider the cost

The cost of a cake is determined by the number of tiers needed and the complexity of the design. Sugar flowers can dramatically spike the costs because they are handcrafted, time-consuming, and thus expensive.


Look at your budget, because the more the design is complicated, the more money you’re bound to invest. Batenga says that the more time a baker spends on the cake, the more you will be charged. She advises that one should have a talk with their baker for a better outcome. “Share your idea so that it is incorporated with what the baker has.”

While expounding on this Kasozi explains that your overall wedding style can kick-start the design process with your baker, but don’t stop there. Mood boards, images of cakes you love, your wedding colour palette, your dress. Any and all of these elements will get the cake design wheels in motion.


Although cakes like red velvet, black forest are currently trendy, it’s good to choose a cake type that will generally be liked by everyone according to Batenga. This is because the cake is mostly eaten by guests, not by the wedded couple. You must serve what most people understand. “It wouldn’t be good to have your taste but leave the rest of the guests wondering what you served them, for example, cheese cream; many might mistake it for spoilt milk.” In this case, Batenga advises that you stay away from such ingredients that are so sensitive to cake but rather get what many are used to like a fruit cake. This can be spiced up with fruits like vanilla, strawberry among others.

A fruit cake is strong and stable, it will not shrink or collapse according to Batenga. It also lasts longer as compared to other types. “With this kind of cake, when the fruits get shocked, they act as preservatives thus giving it a long life,” she clarifies.


Look at what they have done, check out for their face book pages, reviews and the feedback they get from people. Although mistakes are common, that person should have a good track record. Word of mouth is the tried-and-true way to find a baker, according to Kasozi but attending wedding fairs is another route. Couples have the opportunity to meet local bakers and see and sample cake. “Take a meeting with the baker, bottom line basics. As a baker my job is helping a couple prioritize where the cake purchase fits within their wedding budget,” Kasozi says, adding, “A good cake designer will make helpful suggestions to keep your budget on point, while still meeting your aesthetic needs.”

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“Align your style,” Kasozi says some bakers are highly specialized and others offer a much wider variety of styles. Some specialize in fondant cakes but there are other bakers who work exclusively with buttercream and maybe royal icing.