What you need to know about wedding décor flowers

The Princess of Tooro at her weding with husband Phil Anthony. COURTESY PHOTO

What you need to know:

Is it really necessary to have them as part of your ceremony? We bring you the facts.

When someone speaks of décor, what usually comes to mind is a combination of different items/ aspects in order to create something attractive and pleasing to the eye. Items like chandeliers, drapings, lighting, flowers and many others are what bring to life what most of us call décor.

We bring you some of the things that you need to know before you decide whether to have flowers as part of your décor or not.

Is it really necessary to have them as part of your ceremony?

According to Sylvia Namusoke, the CEO of Sadivia Events, having flowers as part of your décor is indeed necessary. Namusoke says flowers are one of the items that bring out the inner beauty of the entire ceremony and add colour to it.

Nagawa Saad of Uniquecone Events says it is very disappointing to have guests show up to a plain ceremony. According to her, flowers create a different kind of environment and even make it more peaceful and pleasing to the eye.

Princess Komuntale of Tooro poses with her mother to an arch of natural flowers at her wedding. COURTESY PHOTO

Choice and Costs

Namusoke says flowers come as part of the entire décor package therefore they are charged along with the entire décor. However, the more flowers one may want, the more money one will need to pay for the décor package.

Namusoke adds that most people think artificial flowers are cheaper compared to natural ones which is not the case, “Surprisingly there are artificial flowers that are very much more expensive than natural flowers. The trick behind this is that the more natural artificial flowers look, the more expensive they actually are.

When it comes to choice, Namusoke advises people to go in for artificial flowers;

“Artificial flowers look more beautiful compared to natural flowers, that is if one chooses the right kind. The problem with natural flowers is the fact that they welt and may have limited colour shades.”

PHOTO COURTESY: Katende Muhammad

More or less, which is better?

When it comes to quantity, the choice is usually based on the client’s desires. There are clients that prefer their ceremonies with as many flowers as possible and there are those that want something less. Namusoke however says in a professional perspective, the more flowers one opts for, the more beautiful the ceremony, “The perfect example is when it comes to the table set up, tables turn out more beautiful with more roses rather than being empty.”

This however depends on how well the flowers are blended.

Indoor or outdoor wedding, where do they look better?

Namusoke says Natural flowers are definitely better outdoor since they easily blend in with nature. However, based on the ongoing trend of using mega tents, although the ceremony may be outdoor, it is still enclosed making it seem like it is indoor so one can still go in for the artificial flowers.

Nagawa also says artificial flowers are better indoor rather than going in for natural flowers that may welt because of the heat.

What to avoid when it comes to using them

Namusoke advises clients who would want to go in for natural flowers to always book or put in the request earlier in order to avoid disappointments, “Most of the flowers are imported in from Kenya, therefore it may take time for them to arrive especially in a busy season.”

Namusoke also adds that last-minute ordering may lead to mixing up of colours especially when it comes to natural flowers, “A decorator may put in an order for let’s say pink flowers and may receive orange instead. This is why early orders need to be made to avoid disappointments without solutions.”