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Years of dating strengthened our bond

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Caeser and Gloria met through a mutual acquaintance, sparking a friendship that spanned three years before blossoming into a romantic relationship. Gloria recalls their earlier days, remembering how Caeser would often join her family for visits, fostering a strong bond before they even embarked on their romantic journey. Communication and regular meetings were vital in nurturing their connection, with Caeser’s distinctive personal style capturing Gloria’s heart.

He says taking more time to date helped them a lot, especially when it came to getting to know more about each other and grow deeply in love.

“It was interesting because, during this time, we received a lot of encouragement from our loved ones. The fact that we believed in each other and our relationship also helped a lot. Whatever happened, we were committed to the relationship and did everything to build a strong foundation,” says Caesar, adding that Gloria’s beauty, focus, and work ethic were also admirable.

“She is a beauty with brains,” he says.

Gloria on the other hand says to strengthen their bond, they went on dates and when they could not, they would call each other. To them, communication is a key ingredient in any relationship, so they always keep in touch even through the day as they go about their work.

The couple also says during their courtship, they learnt to be patient and control their emotions.

“There are times you are told something about your partner or see something and you react so emotionally before giving your partner a chance to explain themselves. This will affect the relationship or even end it. From the beginning, we decided that when in such a situation, we would remain calm and discuss it together in order to reach an amicable solution. Through the years, this has been our love language and has helped us bond,” Gloria says.

Caeser says taking time to date Gloria helped him know more about her, which helped him easily know when she was telling the truth or not.

“Praying is important in a relationship, especially when you are both upset and cannot reach a mutual understanding. We also do not pretend when things are not okay, especially when it comes to some decisions. I always speak my mind, which has helped us know what the other likes and dislikes,” he adds.


On a memorable day in January, Caeser surprised Gloria by expressing his desire to meet her parents.

Their introduction ceremony, held on February 9, was a testament to their love and resilience. Despite initial challenges, including inflated guest numbers and budget constraints, they received support from friends and family, turning what was meant to be a modest gathering into a joyous celebration of love and abundance.

Gloria fondly remembers the joy of their first dance as husband and wife, while Caeser treasures the intimate moments shared with his beloved during the festivities.

Navigating challenges such as unfulfilled pledges and financial constraints tested their resolve, yet they found strength in their faith and each other, overcoming obstacles with grace and perseverance.


The couple says that through counselling sessions, they learnt the importance of prioritising God in their marriage and putting each other’s needs first.

These lessons served as guiding principles in building a strong foundation for their future together.


Reflecting on their journey, Caeser advises couples to seek God’s guidance in their relationships and remain steadfast in prayer. Gloria echoes this sentiment, urging others to trust in God’s plan and to persevere through challenges with faith and patience.


Groom: Lakara Ceaser Ejwatu

Bride: Nabulobi Gloria

Number of Guests: 120

Budget: Shs14m

Date: February 9

Theme Colours: Orange and White