You risk losing your relationship if you do not invest in it

Christine Nakalungi

What you need to know:

You have to be ready to play a psychiatrist when need arises and listen to your spouse’s wailing or whining

Gone are the days when one party in a relationship gives and the other just receives. A number of women will still say it is the man’s duty to provide but if a relationship is to work out perfectly, both parties have to bring something to the table. It might not be equal but it has to be something.

 A relationship or marriage requires more than just a pretty face or muscular body. Financially, it has to be planned carefully, not just going out for drinks and shopping. It requires emotional support because trust me, that partner you see might use a little emotional talk when they are frustrated or beaten up.

In most cases, women have to be willing to undergo the motherhood process and all that it comes with.  Raising a child is a big task and can only be made simpler if both parties are willing to put in as much effort to help out. A partner has to play spouse and do more than what the marriage manual says.

You have to be ready to play a psychiatrist when need arises and listen to your spouse’s wailing or whining. Sometimes, the best you can do for your partner is offer a listening ear. Forget how intelligent you are, she might just want someone to listen without judging her or even interrupting her with arguments.

Instead of complaining about how your spouse is getting out of shape, be the inspiration and cause the change you want to see. Play a workout buddy to motivate them into losing that stubborn fat. You might even have to diet with them and sacrifice your desire for fast foods.

 Financially, both parties should be able and willing to lend a hand. Whereas in our culture a man is supposed to carry the heaviest financial load, if the two of you want to become more productive and successful, two pay checks will take you further.

 You have to do a lot more to help build a desirable relationship/marriage but do not forget to still look your best. Being your spouse’s friend and helping out with the bills is an investment that will bind you together.

No one wants to have a fruitless partner when they can find someone else to fill the gap. Invest in your relationship and see it thrive.