Raising funds for God and the nation

L-R: Jocelyn and Minister Ruhakana Rugunda, Olga Ajiri, who led the auctioning and her husband Norman Ajiri at the dinner. Bottom is the painting by the Four Wise Brothers from Jerusalem depicting four Israeli soldiers praying at the Western Wall, also known as the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. PHOTO by Jonathan Adengo/courtesy

What you need to know:

For God and my country. Through a Christian annual conference, people raise funds for prayer and wellbeing of the country.

It is more blessed to give than to receive, so they say. It was in the same spirit that Christians and other guest gave generously during a fundraising dinner for Africamp, held at the Kampala Sheraton Hotel. The dinner, which attracted a full house, kicked off with a gospel band playing gospel music, which ushered the Christians to the two-course dinner.
The dinner, organised by World Trumpet Mission, was aimed at fundraising for the Africamp, which is due to take place in January next year. The organisers, who have a budget of Shs400 million, managed to collect up to Shs20 million from the auctioning of a painting by the Four Wise Boys From Jerusalem, and an air ticket to Jerusalem.
Pledge cards were also given out to the different guests who included, among others, Health minister Ruhakana Rugunda.
The Four Wise Boys From Jerusalem’s painting was the main focus of the night as it kept on switching hands depending on who bade the highest amount during the auction. It eventually went to minister Rugunda, who later donated it to his son Kwame and daughter Roberta Rugunda. An air ticket to Jerusalem was also auctioned at the dinner.
Apostle John Mulinde of the world Trumpet mission later blessed the crowd with his key note address, “Awakening the Nation” where he called upon all stakeholders to pray for the country Uganda. “Uganda is very special, and needs a lot of cleansing.” He told the crowd of how God took him to Jerusalem and spoke to him about cleansing the nation.

About Africamp

What it is. Africamp is an annual international Christian conference organised by Apostle John Mulinde (pictured) and the World Trumpet Mission since 1996. About 2,500 delegates from more than 25 nations gather at the conference for thematic prayer focused on national revival. Through tailored workshops, these delegates are equipped with knowledge and skills to enable them positively influence various life spheres in order to realise national transformation.
The theme for the Africamp 2015 conference is “Contending for your Nation”