How Museveni, Muhoozi are classic chalk, cheese 

First Son Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba and President Museveni. PHOTO/PPU

What you need to know:

  • In Chapter 3, The Reign of Museveni, the author does not give us anything new to sink our literary teeth into as he surveys the hits and misses of Museveni’s tenure from 1986 to date.

Capt Jonathan Mukata steps forward into the limelight as a seer with his new book, “Uganda’s Peaceful Transition: Insights into the Past, Present and the Future of Uganda.” It is a 135-page offering steeped in scripture, punctuated by biblical references, which further opens the eyes of believers as it rolls the eyes of non-believers.  

Still, Mukata, in the same manner Moses used his staff to part the Red Sea, uses his pen to impart what we shall come to see as clear-eyed prophecy. In Chapter 2, Uganda’s History, he succinctly recounts much of Uganda’s early past telling us how great portions of present-day Uganda was inhabited by Sudanic and Kuliak speaking tribes of farmers and herders before the Bantu and Luo Migrations, which shaped Uganda’s diverse heritage.

In Chapter 3, The Reign of Museveni, the author does not give us anything new to sink our literary teeth into as he surveys the hits and misses of Museveni’s tenure from 1986 to date.

It is only in Chapter 6, The Current Affairs in Uganda (2023), the author emerges from the commonplace to nail his colours to the mast by declaring President Museveni “a God-made General” and his son Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba “A Man-Made General.” Pages 68 and 70 reveal to us why the author believes President Museveni shows signs that he is “guided by God.” The signs are, however, fairly lackadaisical. The author states, as one sign, that Museveni remained calm in the heat of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Absent are mystical fables of the (in)famous Tanzanian seer, Kakara-ka-Shagama, who lived in the 17th century and reportedly prophesied the disappearance of the Bachwezi and the related establishment of the three kingdoms of Ankole, Buganda and Bunyoro. According to that seer, there would be a leader who would bring back the Bachwezi Empire. That leader, some believe, is Museveni.

To demonstrate how Gen. Kainerugaba is not a godsend, the author examines his wayward behaviour on Twitter (now X) and adds, “the world should not be surprised if Muhoozi gets involved in negotiating the release of political prisoners, negotiating debt relief, or even securing funding for crucial government projects; all stage-managed to create an impression that he is the right guy to take over from the father.”

The author, however, believes that all these machinations will come to nothing since they are not in accordance with God’s will. This is because although Muhoozi is the president’s biological son, he is not his spiritual son and will thus not succeed his father.

The presidency, the author argues, is a spiritual position in view of all authority coming from God. So, it follows, Muhoozi not being the President’s spiritual son will not inherit his position.

In Chapter 7, Understanding Prophecy, the author finally starts sharing his prophetic powers. He writes: “In October 2015, at around 3:00pm, I heard a voice say, ‘Remove the Red Colour from the Flag of Uganda’.” No, this was not an anti-National Unity Platform message. 

It was message commanding him to pray so that Uganda would not sink into bloodshed, which is the colour red.

The 2016 elections thus happened and there was no bloodshed after the author followed the will of God by praying for a nation beleaguered by its own Damoclean political realities. God, according to the author, will ensure that the peace we enjoyed during the 2016 election carries to a future where there shall be a peaceful transition of power.

“In 2018, I had a dream,” the author shares, “in which I was told that Museveni would hand over power peacefully to someone. This person is not anywhere near the hierarchy of Museveni’s succession. I was shown the right hand signing the instruments of power, after which I saw the nation of Uganda, being the people of Uganda celebrating because of the peaceful change of government.”

So who will take the reins of the presidency and ride the tiger otherwise known as Uganda into the sun-dappled future? Well, you will have to buy this book to find out who is revealed, through prophecy, as the next president of Uganda.

Interestingly, apart from the seer Kakara-ka-Shagama, three other seers, Kibooga, Rucumita and Kahaibaare, 50 years before Museveni’s birth, reportedly spoke of a man of the Basiita clan (Museveni’s clan) who would fight many wars, rule for long and use the symbol of thumb-up (mutinzi).

It remains to be seen whether Mukata’s prophecies will be as accurate in how they disclude or exclude the possibility of further “Museveni wars.”