It’s not all gloom in Karamoja

What you need to know:

Stories coming out of Karamoja are of hunger, death and despair. But it is not all gloom as beyond the forces of nature causing hunger, Karamoja is a region on the rise with residents adapting to modern practices.

When on my second evening in Moroto, I posted on my Facebook timeline that I was in Karamoja on journalistic duty, the first respondent to comment was a friend inquiring how I was feeling being around stark-naked Karamojong who shamelessly go about with their nether regions on display for everyone to see. I had to quickly inform this digital friend that actually the majority of Karimojong today dress up in clothes, –specifically in garments which, even as they may be far from fancy, suffice for the job of covering up the nether regions. I further informed my digital friend that while traversing Moroto District in the past two days, I hadn’t seen a single person walking around stark naked, and I cautioned him to beware that most stories about the state of Karamoja today are very backdated .
As I proceeded to recall and reflect on that famous phrase of ‘we shall not wait for Karamoja to develop,’ I was at the same time finding the motivation to gather and present some evidence that Karamoja is fast catching up with modernity and economic development.


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