Musasizi, defied age to thrive in ICT world

Timothy Musasizi Karubanga

Growing up in the dusty streets of Mbale district in Eastern Uganda, Musasizi Timothy Karubanga commonly known as MK Timothy could never imagine that one day he would own a multimillion company aged 20.
Having grown in a humble family where his coffee farming parents; Caleb and Jolly Karubanga had little to offer other than a meal on the table, Musasizi knew the task ahead of him if he is to turn things around for his family.
This hustle kept his ambition ablaze as it awaited for the right opportunity to come knocking.
Born on October 30, 1990, MK Timothy is now the CEO and founder of Tim Tech Consults, an Information technology company in Uganda located on Namugongo Road in Kyaliwajjala and angel investor and serial entrepreneur who has over the last 9years, influenced community project financing and entrepreneurship. An angel investor is an affluent individual who provides capital for a business start-up, usually in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity while a serial entrepreneur is an entrepreneur who continuously comes up with new ideas and starts new businesses.
But the big question that remains unanswered is how MK Timothy defied the odds to become CEO at the age of 20. MK Timothy started Tim Tech Consults, a global of process-driven IT solutions in 2010 and currently has offices in DR Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda.
“Being the second born of seven siblings from peasant parents, I knew I had to follow a dream if my family was to keep afloat. I attribute this success to perseverance, persistence and hard work, but most importantly a foreign mentor who realized my potential and helped me nurture it,” Musasizi says.
Despite coming from a farming family, his parents endeavored to see that Musasizi and other siblings find a decent education.
He attended Fairway Primary School for primary education before joining Our Lady of Africa Schools for his secondary school education.
It is after his secondary education that doors opened up for Musasizi as he travelled to Japan with the help of Kenji Ekuan, a Japanese industrial designer whom he met in DR Congo where he had started doing business. Kenji Ekuan is best known for creating the design of the Kikkoman soy sauce bottle.
Through his links, Musasizi enrolled in Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan, where he studied a course in Communications Engineering.
It is from Japan that Musasizi founded Tim Tech Consults in December 2008 as a small IT services company.
In 2010, Musasizi relocated his IT firm to Uganda and has since grown steadily. Recently, Tim Tech Consults secured a $12m contract with a Congolese company.
Musasizi who now lives large has never looked back and spends lots of time on the plane securing contracts.

He has also ventured into other enterprising business and recently co-founded Stawi foods and fruit, an East African company that processes flour from bananas. He also ventured in real estate management and other small scale industries.
“I have influenced community project financing and entrepreneurship. However, I prefer to live a humble life. We have offered lots of enterprising support to the youth especially in financing startups like Homeduuka, takeaway and tim pay, ” he said.

MK Timothy’s achievements as an executive and entrepreneur have been widely recognized. He is a 2005 Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award recipient, named one of Business Insider’s Most Powerful in Business strategy. He says he is not about to relent until he hits new heights.

“I am motivated by the technologies we implement. Each improvement and update allows us to learn and improve our customers’ challenges with state of the art solutions. I also get excited about the products we implement. The products give us the tools to solve real customer challenges. It is incredibly satisfying and gives us a sense of accomplishment when we provide real value to a customer,” he said.

Other investments that MK Timothy has laid his hands on include; Gold Cage Africa, Home Duuka, Tvoices, Mbale Coffee Giants, Tim pay and others.