Take in fresh air and follow rugged paths at Jeffrey’s Bay

Quad bikers get ready for the thrill.  Photos | Edgar R Batte.

What you need to know:

  • Adventure time.  The rugged ride with the thrill of quad biking in Port Elizabeth, as experienced by  Edgar R Batte.

Red, green and blue four-tyre machines shone under the 11am sun in the unsullied countryside of eastern Cape Province of South Africa where it is quiet and serene. Quad biking is one of the delightful adventures I can never get enough of. With each experience comes a different story.


My first experience was with the All-Terrain Adventure in Jinja. I was initially scared of taking the ride because I had no knowledge of motorcycle riding. However, Rob Davies made it seem so easy that all one needs is follow instructions and the rest falls in place.

Before I started the engine, I turned on my spirit, vivified by the knack for quest, and overcame fears- of riding and then heights because it was all terrain- going up, down and around. My initial attempt had built my confidence and eagerness to look forward to the second opportunity I would have.

Re-igniting the quad bike, accelerating and stopping and in no minutes, my feet were comfortable on the pedals and hands firm on the brakes. The compound to exhibit to our guides was one big murram yard.

Round and round we went, cruising behind each other as we ululated with joy of fast learning as our minds projected the fun that lay ahead of us in the hilly terrains that we appreciated at a distance.

Somewhere within the parking yard was an amiable dog who watched the goings-on quietly and attentively as he wagged his tail. It was good to go into the dirt roads of the rural side of Jinja that sit side by side with the mighty and beautiful River Nile whose banks are lined with a number of hospitality facilities.

The children who excitedly waved at us as we cruised by their homes, was icing to the riding experience.

In Port Elizabeth

The September 2022 quad biking experience was in the rainbow nation of South Africa in Port Elizabeth.

The fresh air and lulling water waves are a given. Your  writer and eager photographer was part of bloggers, deejays, radio presenters, social media influencers, photographers and journalists from all over Africa on invitation of South African Tourism (SAT),  the national tourism agency responsible for marketing South Africa as a destination internationally and domestically to attend the DStv Delicious Food  and Music Festival that was headlined by Burna Boy, Baby Face and Angie Stone.

Thus far, there are not many moments I can trade for being an audience of the three gifted songsters. After the euphoric musical offerings, it was time to get on the road and onto an exploratory stretch which came as an additional treat that led us to sightsee the tourism attractions of the country known for adventure you will never forget.

Quad biking

In Jeffrey’s Bay, Shane John of Jbay Quads took us through the starter drill of what to do and not to do in order to get the biggest kick out of our experience that took us into the rugged and winding picturesque east.

What with the savannah green to rouse the eyes as the hands made sure that we did not miss the turns, and calculated them with precision.

There were some inclines that called for a careful play between controlling the brakes and the speed pedals without losing the fun in biking on a stony ground.

Our guides occasionally stopped to share some educational doses about the close and distant hills and valleys whose views were beautified by the skyline of blue and white clouds in what could easily pass for a nice painting.


The quad circuit is part of the bigger Kwantu Game Reserve where tourists are sure to see wildlife which is resident in the greenery confines that stretch some 54,000 acres.

The kick in the rides is being in control of handlebars for steering control on rugged stony earth straddled by vegetation mini thickets as we follow less accessible roads in the outdoors with fresh open air.