Diane Mwiza on her effortless, but unforgettable style

Fashion assistant and entrepreneur, Diane Mwiza

What you need to know:

  • Fashion assistant and entrepreneur, Diane Mwiza, has discovered that this is far from the truth and as reflected in her personal style, she always seeks simplicity. 

Many a time, we are made to believe that being fashionable means digging deep into our pockets or having on the most outrageous pieces of garments. Creating your personal style does not have to be as complex as we have made it out to be. Once you figure out what works for your body type and what best expresses your personality, then having killer looks day in and day out should be the norm. 

Fashion assistant and entrepreneur, Diane Mwiza, has discovered that this is far from the truth and as reflected in her personal style, she always seeks simplicity. 
We had a chat with her and she shares with us her thoughts on the progress of the fashion industry in Uganda and much more. 

How would you describe Diane Mwiza’s style?
It is both laid back and rebellious. I love dressing casually as long as I am comfortable, but also strive to be chic and smart. Most times, it is street style for me, although it appears I am outgrowing this, as street style normally tends to be associated with teenagers.  I am also at my happiest in Denim shorts and sneakers on a Monday.  So, to make it formal, I accessorise with a blazer and I am good to go.

What factors influence your fashion choices lately?
My body type. I can never be caught wearing something that does not flatter me. It does not matter whether a fashion trend is hot at the moment, as long as it does not flatter my body, it is a no for me. 
Other factors that determine what I wear include weather and the occasion I would be going to. 

Do you have a signature look or item that you like to wear?
Yes, sunglasses. I guess it is because my eyes get affected by exposure to too much light. These have now become a necessity. 
How do you balance staying on-trend with creating a timeless wardrobe?
I buy my pieces from authentic brands, which guarantees the outfits will last a decade and wearing them seasonally does not make them old.  Also, you will find that some styles are occasionally in style, for example, the leather fashion trend for December and summer dresses for January.

So, if you buy genuine pieces, you do not have to spend more as the wardrobe will always be timeless. 

How do you make your personal style to fit different settings or occasions?
By mixing and matching. You will find that a casual look can simply be accessorised with a blazer and you end up looking corporate chic. Or you can just add mix a T-shirt with a pair of jeans,  instead of shorts and with this, you can comfortably attend a family meeting or church. 
What is the one fashion trend you feel Ugandan women have still failed to get right?
Make-up. A lot of the time, we apply studio make-up meant for the camera and move around for brunches and attending weddings, all looking like a joke. Whether or not to wear heavy or light make-up, dpends of the kind of occasion you are going to attend. 

Do you have any fashion icons or inspirations that influence your personal style in Uganda?

Fatumah Asha is a powerful fashion icon, and if I could just grab her whole wardrobe, I would run off to Barbados.  It is too bad I cannot re-do my wedding, because I would have loved her to have made my wedding dress.  Her creativity is unrivalled. 
How has your personal style evolved over time?
I came from dressing in overly ripped jeans to wearing two-piece corporate suits and mixing them up with Louboutin and aquazzura heels. It is hard to believe that I now wear classy dresses. I used to dress like a tomboy.  And now that I am a mother now,  that changes a lot of things too in  what I choose to wear. 

What message do you hope to convey through your personal style?
Do you, dress what you want, whatever makes you happy, dress it, those that care do not matter and those that matter do not really care. Make it personal, that is what makes you unique. Do not be a copycat. 

What advice do you have for someone looking to elevate their fashion choices?
Read Newspapers like Daily Monitor and look out for such fashion pages, watch TV,  especially recent reality shows, tune into Fashion Tv and read magazines such as Vogue, and Cosmopolitan. Those magazines shaped my style from when I was a teenager. Plus, you can also use Pinterest. They give fashion ideas on a daily.