Downside of 10-year challenge

Other digital security measures to jot down include encrypting phone conversations with end-to-end user via Whatsapp, avoiding using public WiFi while accessing the Internet, be cautious to limit what your Apps can have access to by managing your applications permissions; to areas of camera, gallery, contacts, location and messages.

What you need to know:

The New Year came with yet another social media challenge dubbed the 10 year challenge. If you are a social media user, chances are you or someone you know has already participated in it. However, there is a warning that data from the challenge could be used by companies such as Facebook or Amazon to harm you, writes Charlotte Ninsiima.

Technology consultant Kate O’Neill, last week cast fear among Facebook users with her suggestion that the data mined from the 10-Year Challenge could be used against us. She said its possible age progression recognition technology would be used in health care and health insurance assessments. “For example, if you seem to be aging faster than your cohorts, perhaps you’re not a very good insurance risk. You may pay more or be denied coverage.” She argued that the negative ramifications of sharing our data is a very real possibility, pointing to past incidents — such as when data for as many as 87 million Facebook users was “improperly shared” with Cambridge Analytica, a data analytics firm used by the Trump campaign in 2016. Some have dismissed O’Neill’s warnings, she said, arguing that many of the photos posted in the challenge were already available online anyway. But, O’Neill pushed back on this dismissal, pointing out that participating in the challenge helps to verify and curate the data.

What can go wrong
Businge Gerald, Digital Security expert, Ultimate Multimedia Consult says depending on which information is shared, the individual becomes a product whom sellers target with any message or take advantage of. In the worst-case scenario, the shared information can lead to one losing their privacy and getting disadvantaged on based on say their beliefs, status, interests, habits or location.


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