Making boarding school worthwhile for the children

What you need to know:

  • SOUND OFF. When it is the only choice you have, how do you make the most of boarding school for your children at primary school level? Shabibah Nakirigya finds out from parents living the experience.

Irene Mukasa, a counsellor, weighs in on the matter; “Parents are not taking their children to boarding sections because they want to do so but because they are forced to by situations sometimes. There are always risks associated with this though. Children adopt weird manners such as vulgar language or disrespect for elders from fellow pupils because no one is there to advise them against these. Others miss parents’ advice because the patrons and matrons cannot groom your child the way you want them to be. Parents who have no choice should make sure that they opt for those schools which are famous for sound care of children especially in feeding and counselling because there is time when a child needs just a counselor to get used to the school.”

I started taking my children to boarding section at eight years in Primary Four, I did this because of safety in terms of accidents. Most of the good schools are very far and they use boda boda. I think it’s ideal because most motor cyclists are every careless.
To make sure that they are comfortable, I always make a good shopping even on visitation days.
George Waswa, deals in stationary

My 12-year-old in Primary Seven is in boarding school because she was joining a candidate class and she had to concentrate. I make sure her mother visits her every Visitation Day to see how she is doing and performing. It is not ideal but it is the situation which forces us to do so.

Ibrahim Bukenya, analyst

Mine joined boarding section at nine in Primary Five. I did this because of the work schedule which made it hard to drop and pick her on time. It is as if you are also studying. I think it is ideal because it helps us to concentrate at work. To make sure she is comfortable at school, I always send some money to the matron to buy her what she wants.
Christine Nantumbwe, businesswoman

I took my child to the boarding section at nine years, Primary Five for security reasons, being that we spend most of our time at work with no one to take care of the children on their way to and from school. To make my child confortable at school, I call the matron regularly to check on them but I do not talk to them directly. I think it is not ideal but it is the situation we have to work with.
Agnes Namubiru, journalist

I took my child to the boarding school in Primary Two when he was five because I failed to cope with maids. They do not keep time when they pick them from school or when it comes to feeding them at home. Boarding school became ideal because we have to work. I check on my daughter every weekend.
Rehemah Nakidde, sells women’s clothing

I start taking my children to boarding school when they are eight in Primary Four. The housemaids are no longer trustworthy, some of them are not friendly to the children. I think boarding school is ideal because then you can put your heart at ease. I make sure to shop adquately so that they do not miss anything while at school.
Steven Kajubi, banker

I took my son to boarding section at eight years in Primary Three. Day school is very expensive in terms of transport since some schools are far and they want them to report at exactly 7am. Boarding school is otherwise not the ideal because children miss out on many things such as parental care and grooming. I check on him every after two week so that he does not miss his parents so much.
Sumaiya Baluywa, phone accessory dealer