Pulling off the skirt suit

What you need to know:

Here are styling options you can employ to make your skirt suits fashion approved, versatile and also easy to wear

The new style options for suits allow you to wear your suit looks outside of the corporate space, thanks to the ever-changing fashion trends.

Depending on how you wear it and accessorise, you can easily wear your suit to different settings including an outdoor event, a wedding and even a night out.

The skirt suit, for instance, can be styled differently and allow you to move from the office atmosphere and step out for a fun night with the girls, without feeling underdressed.

Here are styling options you can employ to make your skirt suits fashion approved, versatile and also easy to wear. 

Choose fun fabric

With your skirt suit, opt for fabric and texture that make a lasting impression. Fabric such as tweed, cotton knits, and textures such as sequins can be great options to choose for your suit. Remember, the goal is to have a look that is both fashion-forward, so stay away from basic fabric and instead invest in some fun skirt suits that do the talking for you whenever you wear them.


If you are choosing your skirt suit for a workplace setting, what will set you apart is how you spice it up using accessorise. To achieve a great look for this suit option, choose your accessories wisely and ensure they do not crowd your look. Choosing some accessories such earrings, a brooch or even some layered necklaces can go a long way in making your skirt suit statement. You can also be a little more critical with your shoes and bag; opting for some sneakers for a sporty and relaxed look or switching up with some heels that complete your power dressing ensemble.

Add colour

No written rule says your suits should be worn in neutral and very basic hues. For the new and improved version of your skirt suit, wear it in all shades, as long as you choose a shade that compliments you. Your options vary from yellow, red, baby blue, pink and even green. Depending on the colour variation, you can wear these hues in a way that does not come off as too loud, but just enough to make the fashion statement you intended to make.


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