The all new luxurious Nadia Matovu hair line

What you need to know:

Digital influencer and entrepreneur, Nadia Matovu, in collaboration with Talia Fros, is revolutionising bad hair days

Behind the flawless appearance of a stunning woman lies a meticulous process. Many a woman are familiar with the morning rush. Styling one’s hair, particularly when it is not pre-done or braided, can be daunting and time-consuming. Then add make-up and choosing what to wear into the mix, the bag, the shoes and the accessories. The list goes on and on.

Digital influencer and entrepreneur, Nadia Matovu, in collaboration with Talia Fros, is revolutionising bad hair days. The newly introduced hairline features installable hair extensions, easing the struggle of achieving a perfect look. The news of the collaboration was announced last weekend at an event hosted at Wisteria Saloon in Bugolobi.

The “Mrs. Matovu X Talia Fros” collection boasts 100 percent human hair, exclusively designed for women with relaxed or texturised hair. The release includes four distinct styles: The Farrah Clip-Ins (straight clip-ins available in 12-inch or 14-inch), the Elizabeth Clip-Ins (straight 24-inch clip-ins), The Trisha Ponytail (an 18-inch-deep wave ponytail), and the Imani (a 26-inch-deep wave ponytail).

Nadia shared her struggles in finding readily available ponytails that matched her hair texture when she transitioned to relaxed hair. “That is where the idea of partnering with them emerged and we created our first premium synthetic hairline earlier this year. This collection consists of grade 9A Mongolian hair, and can last up to a year, if well maintained,” she explained.

Nadia says the collection is versatile, offers styling options suitable for various occasions, from the workplace to Sunday brunch with the girls. The ponytail options (Imani and Trisha) can be worn as either high or low ponytails, providing an easy, at-home installation process and minimising the need for frequent and expensive salon visits.

The hair line’s bone-straight hair clip-ins, facilitate a hassle-free installation process. Moreover, the hair can be tinted into any colour of your choice, making it the perfect addition to your hair collection.

For those who enjoy switching up their looks or prefer a quick morning routine, this will work for you.

And if you are mindful of your monthly personal care expenses, Nadia’s hairline proves to be a cost-effective solution. If you are a modern woman, why not experience the luxury and convenience of  Matovu X Talia Fros collection?