Ambience: Why you should get a swing bed or chair

A swing bed is good for family homes. Net photo.

What you need to know:

  • Are you the kind of person who loves outdoors, the blue sky, green scenery and fresh air? It’s probably high time you thought of getting yourself either an outdoor hanging bed or chair. Here are the reasons why, the options to consider as well as where to buy them.

Today’s millennials may not know this, but, there was a time in the past when swinging was mostly done on trees.
They would get a rope, tie it on a tree, and then, attach a stick at the end bottom part of the rope. The stick served as a seat. One child would sit on the stick and then swing away. Sometimes other children pushed the occupant so as to make the activity more fun.

The problem though with these kinds of swings was if the branch (where the rope was tied) was weak, there were high chances that it would break during the swinging activity and in the end, one would end up with injuries.

These swings have now been replaced with play areas that have improved swings. If today’s parent found their child playing on such swings, they would obviously reprimand them. The risks are too high. However, if you are one person or child who enjoys swings, there are more safe versions available on the market today.

Wicker swing chair
These have stands, are portable and have a nestled space where to sit. And here is the good news, there are different designs available on the market today, meaning that you can pick one that suits your taste and preference.
Abby Ahebwa has one at her rental flat apartment in Naguru, a suburb located in the outskirts of Kampala. Ahebwa, who enjoys spending most of her time outdoors loves sitting on her wicker swing chair while reading her novels.

On occasions Ahebwa is not reading, she will instead sit on her chair and look at the beautiful view of the city.
“These kind of seats are comfortable and relaxing,” she says.
Ahebwa bought hers at Shs250,000 from a furniture dealership store in Kampala.

A hammock can be your unwinding spot in the gardens. NET photo.

Porch swings
Have you ever visited any home and found an installed swing hanging via the balcony? It could have been made out of wood, metal or pliable twigs? Or maybe you found a portable outdoor swing or perhaps one with a stand placed in some designated location within the compound.
Don’t they look great? These usually accommodate about three people or even more.

Porch swings are ideal for relaxing, reading, an intimate parents’ date, or, if you have young children, these are a safer option for them too.
The portable porch swings (or with stands) are sold at different prices in different furniture shops around the country. Prices differ from one showroom to another.
For those interested in installing one in their balcony or veranda, you have to consult a construction project manager who will then guide you on what to do.

Outdoor swings beds
In one of the residential homes in Muyenga, a city suburb, right next to the pool area is a portable outdoor swing bed. The family head who preferred not to disclose his identity says he bought the swing bed at Shs2m at one of the showroom furniture shops in Kampala.
“Most of the time, we as a family use it before and after swimming to relax and enjoy the warm fresh air,” he says.
Incase you are interested in an outdoor swing bed yourself, there are a number of designs available on the market and at an even a more affordable price even less than Shs1m.

Although this is not ideally your typical outdoor swing bed, in a way, hammocks are ideal for enjoying an outdoor experience. One may wonder what exactly hammocks are?
These are netted beds hanged between two points.
Besides nets, they can also be made from other material including cloth and ropes. They are commendable for a great outdoor experience including either resting or sleeping.

Things to bear in mind when installing swings

Charlotte Baine, an interior designer, shares tips
• In case you are having it installed on either your balcony or veranda, ensure that you have an expert do it for you. Otherwise, poor installation can become fatal.
• For a more comfortable experience, add either cushions or pillows.
• Also, ensure that the swing is a considerable distance from the ground for both safety and luxury reasons.
• Some swings may need a parent’s supervision when young children are using them.