Bring the outdoors indoors in 2022

Bring more plant life indoors. Photo/

What you need to know:

This year, homeowners would like to be at one with nature by designing houses that blend well with the natural environment in terms of colour, materials and design. This is one of several trends for 2022.

Just like in 2021, biophilia continues to trend in 2022 where items such as wood, stone, and terracotta will continue to make headlines in interior design. The focus is to bring as much of the outdoors indoors.

“Biophilia is the natural human instinct to be one with nature and it has continued to inspire design, even with the colour choice and material type. Being aware of how environment and climate affects our livelihood is becoming intertwined in design.

This year is no different as homeowners are picking materials that are not harmful to the environment and natural yet are long lasting and timeless such as stone,” Aloysius Nangosha, an interior designer shares.

The trend also means more plant life indoors in the form of hanging plants, and living walls.

That said, Nangosha says design based on biophilia has a focus on nature that contributes to human productivity and health in the bid to survive and be fit. “Therefore, desert, deep-water habitats or extinct species have no place in this design seeing that they have little contribution to human life sustenance,” he shares.


Colour and texture play a great role in the general appearance of a space. Previously, backsplashes and countertops only complimented each other, never looking the same. Many homeowners pegged that to the need to have an interesting look.

However, in this year, we will see more seamless countertops and backsplashes in kitchens.

“With various colours, even when they complement one another, the eye fails to find a resting place (focal point) because there is competition for attention. That is why having one shade, texture, and material for your backsplash and worktops is such a big thing this year. Moreover, it will also bring about a cohesive and clean look to the space,” Adrian Obonyo, an interior designer at Concept MacFaj shares. Backsplash and worktop unification also gives the kitchen a modern and sophisticated look.

Multipurpose spaces

Working from home is becoming the new normal, with some organisations giving their employees the option of working from home indefinitely.

One of the places people can create workstations within their home is in the bedroom since it allows for a more quiet and private space, making use of one corner or an empty closet.  Obonyo says in light of that, many homeowners in 2022 are looking for ways to ensure their bedroom is not only comfortable but also multifunctional.

“The environment within which we work ought to be comfortable enough to allow for profitable work. That is why homeowners are changing their interiors to have comfortable neutral tones such as cream. That is coupled with textured wall treatments which lend the space with a feel of luxury as would be seen in a boardroom. The same space, in some households, works as a workout station,” he says.

Obonyo says to ensure extreme relaxation, the material of the sheets is also considered thus adopting materials such cotton and linen which are calm, soft and sweat-absorbing hence allowing for better sleep.

“In addition, storage is a pivotal element in these bedrooms because inasmuch as there is a lot of activity going on, clutter will be a deterrent to productivity and relaxation. As such, customised storage will make it possible to ensure the sleeping quarters remain pristine and spacious,” he says.


“Searches regarding spa bathrooms and hotel bathrooms will become common on the internet because many need to see how to apply those touches to their bathrooms. These remodelings include making the bathrooms more open, which could involve breaking walls or decluttering the space. There is also the idea of incorporating natural features such as natural stone, and introducing plants so that people are more in contact with nature because this eases stress more,” explains Aloysius Nangosha, an interior designer.


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