Choosing the perfect lighting for your mirrors 

Built-in backlighting provides a sleek and elegant appearance that gives off a soft glow.  PHOTO/

What you need to know:

  • Whereas you may prefer to have to have a strong glow coming from your mirror light, ensure the mirror does not emit harmful levels of ultraviolet or infrared radiation.

Choosing the right type of mirror for your bathroom or dressing room can be daunting, especially with the various available options. But even more daunting is choosing the perfect lighting as it impacts on one’s routine of grooming and dressing experience.

Whereas personal preference plays a significant role in choosing the right lighting and mirror combination, testing different setups and lighting options before making a final decision is a sure way of getting what is suitable for your needs.

Dressing and table mirror types come in different shapes such as round, rectangular, rounded/ curved, arched and oval among others.

Backlit mirrors
As the name suggests, these mirrors can be lit from their back. This creates a soft and diffused glow which provides excellent illumination that is ideal for makeup application and grooming without creating harsh shadows. 

Full-length mirrors
This type of mirror enables you to view yourself from head to toe. For a perfect reflection, some of these mirrors are equipped with led lighting on the sides or around the frame. This modern dressing mirror light will brighten up your mirror and picture to give you a clear and also detailed reflection.

Conventional bedroom lights will not show you the true picture, so choosing a lighted mirror will save you from a potential makeup mishap in any lighting conditions. The larger the mirror, the more accurate body dimensions you will get and the more expensive it will be.

Dimmable tabletop mirrors
Tabletop mirrors with dimmable lighting options enable one to adjust the brightness levels basing on one’s preferences and lighting needs. The brightness and light temperature of this mirror are controlled by a smart touch button to give off the preferred colour, including white, warm white and yellow. 

Vanity mirrors
The mirrors come with light bulbs that brighten up the dressing table space. The design of the light is such that it illuminates the tabletop, as well as the storage drawers. These mirrors offer even illumination that closely resembles natural light, which provides you with a lot of focus on the details of your hair and face.

Magnifying mirrors
They are designed with a built-in feature that enlarges your image and  are equipped with led lighting around the magnifying area. This helps in ensuring precise visibility and accuracy while applying makeup or performing intricate grooming tasks.

Benefits of a lighted mirror
Many homeowners have dressing or table mirrors, however, that are not lighted. Depending on one’s needs and awareness of lighting benefits, these will have you as a homeowner include some lighting to your mirror space.

According to, lighted mirrors are key in enhancing visibility. They provide excellent amounts of light that create a more accurate reflection which makes it easier for one to see themselves in the mirror.

Depending on the design and style, lighted mirrors add a touch of elegance to any space because of the luxurious look they create.

Additionally, many lighted mirrors usually have features that enhance the user’s experience. These features include Bluetooth connectivity, dimming controls and temperature adjustments. 

Lighted mirrors are aesthetically pleasing and also add value to a home. With the increase in social media use, the lighted mirror will give you the perfect background for your photos. 

The LED lights commonly used in lighted mirrors are energy-efficient and this helps you save money on electricity bills and reducing the need for frequent bulb replacement because they have a long span.

As technology continues to advance with new advancements developing, new innovations have been created in designing dressing/ table mirrors and lights and these include;

Smart mirror integration
These mirrors come with built-in LED lighting, touch controls, and smart features such as voice assistants, weather updates that offer convenience to someone.

Intelligent lighting adjustments Dressing and table mirrors with intelligent lighting adjustments help to automatically adjust brightness and color temperature basing on ambient light or user preferences.

These function as both television and mirror displays thus providing an innovative and space-saving solution for multi-functional rooms. 

The cost for both dressing/table mirrors and lights may vary basing on product size, colour and technology therein and the design and style.  

Edrine Ssebalu, a dealer in lighting accessories says, “Recess and surface LED lights with 3 watts cost Shs10,000 each, whereas the 7-watt-3-color panel lights (that are either warm white, day light (white), or a mixture of both) cost Shs 15,000 each.”

Additionally, Ssebalu says that if a homeowner decides to use the back lights for the mirror’s lighting, the latter can use a strip light, however, noting that each metre costs Shs10,000 and the strip adapter goes for  Shs15,000.