Choosing the right bed for every room

What you need to know:

Bed choice tends to be guided mostly by budget instead of the room purpose, size and décor style. Depending on your choice, a bed should be more than a place to sleep

There is something people tend to neglect during the process of furnishing their homes; choosing the right bed for each room. Bed choice tends to be guided mostly by budget instead of the room purpose, size and décor style. Depending on your choice, a bed should be more than a place to sleep; it should provide storage solutions and be the centerpiece that pulls the décor style together.

 Having under bed storage is a great way to maximise space in your bedroom. Choose a bed with built in drawers and use them to store towels, linens, or anything else you need. This provides new bed owners a great way to free up limited wardrobe space and bring a better level of organisation to the room.

Beds with storage allow you to utilise the space under the bed, which is usually left bare to gather dust, reducing the need for additional pieces of furniture so it can create a very clean, simple look in the room. Here is how to pick the right bed that best suits each room in your home.

Master Bedroom

The master is the principal bedroom in the home and no expense should be spared when choosing a bed for it.  The bed should exude just the right amount of elegance and comfort.

Fortunately, since the room is usually spacious it can easily accommodate a king or super king size bed. So get the biggest bed you can fit in your room while leaving enough room in which you can comfortably carry out your daily tasks.

To create a luxurious atmosphere, an upholstered headboard bed style is an excellent choice. The soft upholstery also makes it comfortable to lean back and overall gives a nice finishing touch to your bedroom.

For minimalists and contemporary style enthusiasts, the contemporary bedframe will satisfy your design standards. For an ultra-modern look, opt for a white frame. Sleek but elegant, the neutral frame looks incredible when paired with light, large floor tiles. Together, your space will appear brighter and larger. Grey frames work wonderfully too, adding a touch of sophistication to a monochrome theme.

When it comes to shape and finish, go for a bed frame with clean cut, straight lines. A lower frame will help you to achieve an uncluttered look too, while a high gloss finish can add a subtle touch of glamour.

Traditional master bedroom

If your home has a classic style, then go for a Victorian-style bed. The best thing about Victorian style is that it never goes out of style so you will not feel the pressure to change it so often.

Choose a premium wooden bed with a subtle, muted colour scheme such as gray or heavier furniture or darker wood colouring to keep it traditional.

Pick beds made of rich woods such as mahogany, rose wood, and walnut or consider mixing and matching various shades of wood for a more textured effect. Victorian-inspired decor is all about is all about size, the larger the bed, the better. However, if your space cannot accommodate the size, you can opt for a king sized bed and tone down on the rich colours.

Children’s Bedroom

Bunk beds have always been the preferred beds for the children’s bedroom because they combine the elements of fun and play while serving a practical purpose. The bunk beds also save a lot of spaces in the room to enable other activities. Bunk beds come in several sizes, shapes and can be made from diverse materials such as wood, metal depending on your preference. They can also be made colourful to create a fantastic invigorating space for your little ones.

Teenager’s Bedroom

When your child reaches the teen years, it is time for a redesign because they have outgrown their childhood bedroom and especially bed. Considering getting a new bed for a teenager, and of course, the traditional single bed is great, but you can do more. For a teenager, their room is their sanctuary and their identity. It is where they prefer to spend most of their time and sometimes entertain their friends.

So why not do something both affordable and stylish, with enough space to keep them comfortable as they grow into young adults?  Try a canopy bed which is whimsical and makes the room feel cosy and inviting.

 A canopy bed is a simple, sleek and comfortable bed is a bed style that goes with any room decor. The simple wooden frames are popular due to their incredible durability and timeless style. A canopy bed is not too flashy but it has enough character and charm to elevate a room’s ambiance.

Guest Bedroom

For homes that enjoy a guest bedroom, choose a bed with added storage so you can make the most out of the room even when nobody is visiting. Because you are choosing a bed for different people, it will not be an easy task to pick one that will satisfy everyone.

However, you cannot go wrong with a wrought iron bed. Wrought iron beds have proven time and again that they survive the brunt of time the best in comparison to any other bed style. In addition, the iron look is timeless and is bound to match any decor that you might have in the room.

Their durability and ease of maintenance have made them a favourite bed style for those who want quality and comfort within a budget. A bonus feature would be drawers where you can place those extra duvets, towels and sheets for guests.