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The couple should learn to compromise. PHOTO/unpslash.com.

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Although setting up a home is one of the things that couples look forward to it is not always a smooth undertaking considering that two individuals are trying to merge their tastes into one coherent design.

A friend recently invited me to visit her newly-wedded daughter’s home. Prior to the visit, she had hinted that her daughter was having challenges setting up her new home and wanted me to offer any assistance I could. The couple has just moved into a fairly big two-storey home. From the outside, the home looks like any other newly constructed home, with a few things yet to be finalised.

But one feels the couple’s conflict as soon you step inside the home. The living room is filled with brand new furniture, the walls are filled mismatched artwork that gives the space an air of a show room.

The master bedroom, which is on the second floor is a rather gorgeous, spacious room with high ceilings, the focal point is a massive king sized bed and on the floor is a pretty thick rug.  Although all things are all of good quality and definitely luxurious they look sadly out of place as the nothing matches the other.  The place has that impersonal quality of a showroom save for the couple’s big framed photograph on the wall.

As if to emphasise the couple’s dilemma, the bathroom walls have been painted with multiple colours, which although it has been a year since the couple moved into the house makes one feel as if everything is still a work in progress. 

What the couple is experiencing does not require a psychoanalyst to understand they are going through a serious conflict which if not resolved might damage the marriage. This challenge is not a unique one.

Although setting up a home is one of the things that couples look forward to it is not always a smooth undertaking considering that two individuals are trying to merge their tastes into one coherent design. For this process to be achieved successfully and harmoniously, here are a few things that must be given priority.


It is important that the couple holds a positive perspective about this process. Setting up a home should be as an opportunity for the couple to make more discoveries about each other. It should therefore, be undertaken with a lot of patience and without prejudice. For instance it is a chance to learn how your partner feels about money, their attitude towards material property and general outlook on life.

While one partner might want to have only brand items in their home, the other one might be comfortable having each item custom-made if possible. Or the other one might be a minimilaist while the other one is a maximalist. The process should teach the couple the art of compromise and avail them the opportunity to embrace each other’s point of view.


One of the biggest factors that will mar the home design process for newlyweds is the issue of money. Newlyweds, especially the young ones might have financial challenges, what with the wedding and honeymoon expenses.

So they might either end up making a lot of compromises or going into debt to set up their new home. Neither of these situations are ideal and will spawn conflict that might spill into the couple’s other lives. Carefully list what needs to be done urgently, as well as how much money is available to do it.

Remember you have a lifetime to create your dream home; so tick off one process at a time without straining your finances and your relationship. For instances while the nursery could wait, your bedroom should be given proper attention. You want a refreshing and relaxing space that will be your escape from the stresses of work and life. Add some tasteful furniture, a new rug, new beddings and lamps on your side tables.


If none of you is a décor expert, get the services of a more experienced decorator. It could be a friend whose style you admire or even an expert.

The expert will help you understand your space, guide on colour choices, furniture placement and help you find your own style


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