How to elevate your garden space

A relaxation spot is a good plan layout for your outdoor space and it can be a sitting area, drinks station and fireplace. PHOTO/courtesy

What you need to know:

Flowers endowed with colour are therapeutic to occupants. This is simply because their view adds beauty, knowledge, serenity, purity to garden spaces

“A garden is a thing of beauty and a job forever.” – Richard Briers.

Away from the ordinary bushy ambience endowed with flowers and plant species of your choice, there is more to just owning a number of planters in your backyard space.

 This can be achieved by including aesthetic features to enhance your outdoor look.

Here are a number of ways garden lovers can elevate their garden spaces.

Colourful plants

Hudah Nassali of Green T Gardeners recommends a planter scheme of growing from seed.

She says, “This system helps you to prevent diseases as opposed to propagating plants into your space as you may unknowingly spread diseases across your garden.”

Nassali suggests that one can actually achieve a bigger plant presence from growing many seedlings, and only requires propagation in order to add just a few rare plants to the selection or radar.

According to Nassali, statement plants or multi-coloured flowers can create a warm haven for the garden space.

“You can add a collection of unique natural plants such as succulents, sun flower, morning glory, lipstick plant, morning glory among others,” she explains.

These, she adds, can embrace your space with a warm ambience given that their temperate matches your soils.

“Some plants require light, temperature and water regulations and this should be achieved evenly and suitable for the plant choices made.”

These flowers endowed with colour are therapeutic to occupants. This is simply because their view adds beauty, knowledge, serenity, purity to garden spaces. Some of these multi-coloured flower choices also attract birds and butterflies in your garden space hence creating a rich and authentic garden experience.

These warm plants also bring a lovely strong fragrance to your garden hence enhancing a rich scented atmosphere endowed with beauty and freshness spreading evenly throughout the garden.

 Mix edible and flowers

 For organic garden lovers, Nassali suggests organic planters for a vegetable garden which offers a wide range of spices, herbs and edible vegetables to add to their food selection.

Ritah Ahumuza, a herbal tea gardner, says most spices and herbs require vertical gardening.

“This format encourages edible planters of spices such as ginger, black pepper, rosemary, and many others that can utilise even small garden spaces such as on balconies,” she shares.

These spices, she adds, adapt well to residential conditions and you do not have to worry about separating the edibles and flowers in your garden.

However, caution must be taken on the growth of herbs. You ought not to allow the flowering of herbs because after blooming they lose their characteristic taste.

 Quiet corner

A relaxation spot is a good plan layout for your outdoor space. This secluded area can accommodate a sitting area, kids’ corner, sinks, drinks station and fireplace.

Nassali says this lounging spot allows for activity to take place in your garden space.

“This area enables you to read a book, hold a meeting, inhale some fresh breeze, take a nap or enjoy the outdoor scenery. It is basically where all the fun lives,” she tips.

This area she suggests requires maximum attention to detail. “The ornaments and furniture should reflect on an outdoor ambience and work is put in to achieve this.”

Bamboo furniture for instance is woody work that graces a garden space and fits perfectly. Accessories such as throw-in pillows and statement rugs or a shelter endowed with greenery are an added advantage to the space.

You can include a number of garden ornaments such as sculptures, art features inform of animal characters, butterflies and fairy-tale toys to accessorise your greenery.

This also adds a playful touch to your space and loosens up the environment.


The gardening expert recommends highlighted walkways that set the grass apart and keep the green on.

“You can opt for concrete pavers, bamboo or white stone for a walkway. These add beauty and keep the space tidy with a remarkable layout for foot prints.”

Nassali also suggests artificial grass for areas that hold infertile soils just to create continuity for the greenery and act as better garden rugs especially for the balcony flooring or in secluded areas.

She cautions users on the choice of flooring and advises that one should opt for inexpensive, easy to maintain and outdoor weather friendly options depending on their locations.

Water feature

A water point is good placement in any outdoor spot. It could be a pond, a pool, or a fountain.

“Depending on the size of your space, a mini-water feature can be installed to grace the space with a natural breeze,” says Lawrence Yiga of Blue sky landscapers.

Yiga suggests a mini fountain powered by solar or inbuilt with waterproof wiring to achieve a breezy atmosphere especially during the hot seasons.

He says this feature is made out of metal and concrete and is strong enough to be in usage for one’s outdoor space with constant water circulation.

This point specimen he concludes adds a corporate touch to an outdoor space and is inexpensive to decorate with hence highlighting the space with a cool breeze and light sprinkle on the greenery.

Hang plants

Hudah Nassali offers a great creative solution to plant lovers that are rigid on colour choices.

“If you prefer it all green, then it’s rewarding to invest in luxury vases. Ceramic vases come in preferred paint choices and offer a rich look for standing large vases whereas baskets are well built for hanging plants,” she tips.

According to her, certain plant species are a good solution to wall plants or climbing plants.

“Plants such as basil, lemon balm, mint, and rosemary position well as living walls as they grow vertically and can be left to grow free or given direction by attaching their growth onto a fence vertically,” she explains.