Light up your home with flameless candles

What you need to know:

Flameless candles offer you all the benefits of traditional candles but without the inconvenience of wax and the risk of fire

Imagine a candle-lit dinner, surrounded by your favourite people and candles you do not have to keep replacing or worrying about them starting a fire. That is what battery-powered candles offer.

Thanks to advancements in technology, battery-powered candles nowadays look so much like the classic candle that it is difficult to tell them apart. Flameless candles have become increasingly popular because they are safe and clean.

They come in varying sizes, colours and brightness so that one can choose how bright and with what intensity it should burn. Many models are also waterproof and windproof, which makes them ideal for outdoor use. Depending on the candle’s features, it can be set to look as if its light is flickering.

Flameless candles are also eco-friendly since they are reusable and exceptionally long-lasting. They are also ideal for people with severe allergies because they do not emit any fumes.

If you are tired of having to clean candle holders but still love the candlelight in your home, you will be grateful for these wax-less candles. The only effort required to enjoy these candles is switching them on and off and very, very rarely changing batteries.

What to consider

When purchasing flameless candles, the room for error has fortunately diminished. Preferences of consumers mainly dictate the choices, with factors typically encompassing candle type, design, and cost.

Candle type

There are three fundamental candle types; votives, tapers and pillars. Votive candles are small, circular or square-shaped candles typically housed in glass containers.

Taper candles are elongated and slender, designed to fit into holders.

Pillar candles are larger, circular or square-shaped, and do not necessitate containers (when flameless).

Pillar candles may also incorporate multiple wicks. Consider your available space and the ambiance you aim to achieve, then select the candle type that aligns best with your requirements.


Flameless candles are available in a plethora of designs, with little room for error in choice. Opt for a design that appeals most to you and complements the style of your space.

For an elegant touch, consider a burgundy candle with a wax-dipped finish. For a festive vibe, a cheerful snowman candle might be the ideal choice.


Unlike the classic candles, flameless candles come with several features that make them even more user-friendly. For mere accent lighting, opt for flameless candles with simple on/off functionality that emit a steady glow.

However, if you desire to evoke the flickering ambiance of traditional candles, choose flameless candles with a more authentic flickering effect.


In addition to a basic on/off switch, some flameless candles offer the option to select the duration for which the LED light remains illuminated. Utilizing a timer to automatically turn off the candle can help prolong battery life, particularly if you often fall asleep with it on.


Many flameless candles come with a remote control, enabling convenient adjustment of various aspects of the candle from the comfort of your seat.


In addition to controlling power and brightness, a remote can be used to select the colour of a color-changing candle. Typically, the remote includes a range of colored buttons for mood customisation.


If you appreciate the pleasant aroma of burning candles, consider opting for a flameless candle with a fragrance pod that disperses scent using a small fan.


For the most realistic flameless candle experience, select a candle that has been dipped in wax. These candles closely resemble and feel like traditional candles.

Place of use

Although a majority of candles are waterproof, not all of them are suitable for outdoor use or high-humidity environments. Ensure to purchase a model designed to withstand such conditions if you plan to place it outdoors or in a humid room.


Battery life on flameless candles varies by type of candle, brightness of the light and type and number of batteries used. Most of pillar candles require four (4) AA batteries with a total battery life of approximately 450 hours.

Taper candles take two (2) AAA batteries lasting about 250 hours and both tea lights and votives come with CR2032 batteries lasting between 100-150 hours each. Some Using will last longer than others depending on the brand you buy. 


There are flameless candles to suit every budget. The inexpensive basic flameless candles or packages of multiple candles cost as low as Shs56,000. These models are typically simple tea lights or plastic candles with basic functionality.

You can also get candles that offer a blend of features such as remote control and colour-changing capabilities, with a slightly more realistic appearance for Shs95,000. For Shs150,000 and above, one can get candles that are coated in wax to give them a realistic appearance and have features such as scent production and Bluetooth connectivity.