Make a Christmas tree from old magazines

The outcome should look like this. To add a neat touch, spray with paint and add decorative stars. Photos by Desire Mbabaali

If decorating a Christmas tree is too much work for you, and yet you want a little touch of Christmas to warm your house for the holidays, this Christmas tree décor is ideal for you. But then again, if you just want to add ‘mini Christmas trees on top of your big Christmas tree, this will also do perfect. All you need is a magazine, glue, spray paint and some stars to spice up the occasion.

The process
To get to work, divide the magazine from the middle and fold off the papers, one by one. To fold, hold the top of the page and fold it in to make a big triangular shape on the top and a small triangular shape at the bottom. After folding both sides, the page should be able to make an arrow-like shape. Do this for every page. If your magazine has very many pages, you can fold about two pages at a go.

Tucking pages
After folding all the pages, fold the already folded pages again, this time, only once, from up-down, to create an acute angle. Carefully tuck the pages into the central point (the middle of the magazine) Fold all pages that way, to form a tree-like shape.
To touch up the ‘tree’ and to change its look from the magazine it is, use spray paint. You can settle for festive colours like green, gold, or silver and spray all around until the magazine prints cannot be seen anymore.
To give it an even better look, you can add glittery stars to highlight the festive mood, and you will be good to go.