Phone tripod, a way around Zoom meetings

While working from home, different people had to find ways of attending meetings with ease. PHOTO/Andrew Kaggwa.

What you need to know:

There was a time tripods were only used by vloggers and social media influencers, then Covid-19 happened and the office came home.

The lockdown and Covid-19 changed the way we worked, all of a sudden, the bosses who were upset that people spent a lot of time on their phone now needed their employees on phone almost all the time.

This is where we would even attend the weekly briefings thanks to the mobile phone application Zoom.  But then there was a crisis. Holding a phone through an interview or meeting is hectic, plus, the people on the other side of the conversation cannot take you seriously.

Why not try checking out a smartphone tripod?

Tripods are stands with three collapsible legs designed to create camera stability for phones. They have smartphone mount on top, as well as several joints which allow you to rotate and tilt your device to different angles.

Why you should get yourself one

In an era where people are being forced by employers or the situation to work from home, phone tripods come in handy when one is supposed to be part of a presentation or a meeting.

Of course, some people have been improvising by having their phones lean on something but none of these elements can be as secure. You don’t want your phone drifting off as you’re trying to make a submission.

With a tripod, things become a lot easier. You could have a comfortable vloging and streaming movies experience too, without having to look for someone to take the videos for you.

Consider these

There is really not much to consider when buying a tripod.

But compatibility is the sole notch. You would not want to buy a tripod and the next thing you know, it can’t work with your phone.

This will also apply to the one who wants to use it for more than phone use. Make sure it can do what you want, before the price even comes in mind. There are some tripods that can hold both your phone and a not so heavy camera. A photographer will need to keep these features in mind for a long lasting and multipurpose tripod.

According to cellularnews, there are tripods that include a wireless remote. The majority of wireless remotes are compatible with most smartphones. Make sure to read the description on the wireless remote to ensure that your phone can work with it.

Portability should also be key to buying your tripod. If you need it for streaming, vlogging and taking selfies at home or office, a tabletop tripod is efficient.

If it is travel you will want to be sure it can work with any environment and of course weight is key.


From international online shops smartphone tripods range from Shs 36,750 to Shs 183,800.

From local online shops, the price range from Shs30, 000 to Shs500, 800.

On Nasser Road, prices range from Shs33, 000 to Shs150, 000.

Average price in mid-city is Shs65, 000.

The costs all go down to the quality you have picked for yourself and the features the tripod exhibits.

Sometimes, the higher the price, the better the quality of the machine.

To make your work at home experience less rocky, a smartphone tripod would be a great go on your to-have-list. The seamless meetings, comfortable streaming from your favourite site and easy vloging experience could be what you need to do better.