The mixer grinder enables you to do more

Mixer grinders come in a variety of colours, design and with many features. PHOTOs/net.

What you need to know:

The cost of your device will depend on the features it offers you as well as the overall quality and standard.

In the fast-moving world, it is always best to have equipment that makes our work easy and saves time. If you love cooking amazing dishes for your friends and family, a super performing mixer grinder will make the process a breeze.

A mixer grinder is an electronic kitchen equipment that is used to mix and grind various food items. It is compact in size and usually comes with three different sets of jars, at most four jars, which you use interchangeably, based on what you want to grind.

These jars are incorporated with multi-use blades that can perform all sorts of blending and grinding. There is always a jar for mixing liquids such shakes and smoothies, a jar for grinding spices and chutneys and another jar for grinding dry items such as cereal. The whole unit of mixer grinder has a powerful motor which rotates and churns at a high speed. The high rotation allows the blades to perform all sorts of tasks with utmost efficiency.



Mixer grinders, unlike a single use blenders or grinders can be multi-purpose, they can mix and grind a variety of wet and dry foods, such as spices, nuts or cereals, smoothies, juices and chutneys. If enjoy cooking chicken at home, then a mixer grinder is going help you make mouthwatering chicken recipes at home with the freshly-made chicken masala.

For those that enjoy nicely cooked binyebwa (peanut paste), then you know, how hard it can be sometimes to find tasty peanut for stew.

With a grinder, you can process the peanuts yourself.  Another advantage is the amount of money it will ultimately save you.  If you buy peanuts from the market for about Shs3,000 and grind them yourself, you will get much more than you get from store bought ground peanuts at the same price.


Every mixer grinder has a variety of speed option buttons, to allow you to choose the most appropriate speed for grinding, mixing, whipping, depending on the food and your requirement. You can select high speed for grinding hard nuts and moderate speed for making your favourite delicious milkshakes or smoothies. The things that take you minutes to accomplish can be done in a few seconds using this machine. 

Easy to use

It is a pretty simple device to use. Even if you are first-time user, you will be able to use it easily with no guidance at all. Everything is clearly provided for on the machine, and there is always manual, to refer just to be sure. They also very safe to use.          

Easy maintenance

Mixer grinders are very easy to maintain, just keep it clean. A mixer grinder is made up of the main unit and the grinding jars. Take off the used jar from the main unit, and using then wringed, wet, cotton cloth, wipe off the food particles. The jars, on the other hand can be washed with soap and clean water, as you normally do with your blender. Dry the jars with a kitchen towel before storing away to keep rusting at bay.



Most of us are very particular about choosing a particular brand when it comes to home appliances. There are several mixer grinders available across brands, some brands are better than others so it good to do some research, before going out to buy one.

The price for every mixer grinder will depend on the brand and the features it possess. It is important to buy, mixer grinders from an authentic stores, as they will most likely offer warranty’s not less than two years, with the provision of replacement if the appliance develops any complications other than physical issues within the warranty period.   

Style and efficiency

Mixer grinders come in a variety of colours, design and with many features. Most of the mixer grinders are with three to four jars weighing in the range of five to six kilogrammes..

Some mixer grinders have juicer attachments by which you may prepare different juices and milkshakes easily. The body of the mixer grinder must be insulated, to prevent electric shocks. The closures of the jars should be break-resistant as well.

Power consumption

Most mixer grinders, consume a reasonable amount of electricity, which is need for fine grinding, so it is important to look at the power consumption while buying. Look out for the wattage value of the device, which is usually indicated on the box. Choose one that ranges from 600 to 800 wattage.

Speed of the mixer

The speed (RPM) is another important evaluating factor that will decide the efficiency of your grinder. It tells you the rotations the grinder takes in one minute. The higher RPM, means superior speed. A domestic mixer grinder will function in the range of 18000 to 23000 RPM which accounts to a right choice. 

Size and cost

It is always better to keep a mixer grinder that fits your kitchen and day to day needs. The right size will save the user from the trouble of storing it.


The cost of the mixer grinder depends on the brand and model you choose. You can find them in the nearest supermarket near for prices ranging from Shs200,000 to Shs600,000 depending on the brand, the model and the wattage voltage. Those with a with a higher wattage are more costly.