The right garden fence will enhance your property

Garden fences hold many answers and will eventually make your property stand out.

What you need to know:

  • While a good fence requires minimal maintenance, materials that do not easily warp, fade, or require frequent painting/ staining should be considered.

Have you ever woken up to a surprise from an old friend like your former classmate, who has come from far and wide, bearing  gifts, drinks and snacks to your home? Such times demand not just celebration but long casual chats in an airy private space where you can relax while making barbeque and enjoying a glass of wine.  You can choose to turn your home backyard into such a  spot with the right garden fence. 

Garden fences hold many answers and will eventually make your property stand out.

They are not common in most neighbourhoods as some of us may find them luxurious and that having the residential fence alone is enough. However, as a home owner, it is essential for you to have one because these come with many benefits. While the garden fencing does not only enhance the look for you outdoor space, it also acts as a divider for portions in your property. 

Joshua Gwamoiza, a landscaper and founder of Eco Mice Company in Entebbe says that while choosing a garden fence is overwhelming, home owners need to choose the perfect fence style that not only suits their preferences, but also serves the intended purpose of construction. 

Gwamoiza says, “As a home owner, when you choose a garden fence, have good planning depending on what you want to achieve. If your intention is to limit movement to certain spaces of your home or have privacy from neighbors, get everything clear and choose a fence that satisfies your needs.”

Good garden fences

While good garden fences are those that fulfill the intended purpose of their placement, they should seamlessly combine a number of elements to create a valuable addition to your outdoor space while meeting your specific needs.


As a home owner, having a fence that you want should not strain your wallet. Therefore, it is important to balance your preferences and needs to make a cost-effective and informed decision for your fence. While a good fence requires minimal maintenance, materials that do not easily warp, fade, or require frequent painting/ staining should be considered.

Gwamioza says that you can have natural plant fences like hedges because they are inexpensive and environmentally friendly. 


A high quality garden fence should be made of durable materials that can withstand weather conditions, resist rot, and maintain structural integrity over time. Using high quality materials to build a fence will give better longer lasting results.


The height of the fence should align with its intended purpose, be it security, privacy or simply defining boundaries. It should provide the desired level of coverage without obstructing necessary views. 

Style of garden/ Aesthetics

Every home owner wants to feel good about the way their home looks, especially with a stylish fence. A well-designed fence therefore should enhance the overall aesthetics of your garden and property. 

Gwamoiza says that having design elements such as water features, a sitting area or a fire place will require you to have a designer to help you set your space in an organized and attractive manner.

He also adds that the fence should allow for the integration of climbing plants or decorative features if desired. This can be done by adding a wire mesh to the fence to allow for climbing as these make the fence appealing.

Screening/ Privacy. This is how much you can see through the fence. Fences should create a private outdoor space to shield your garden and home from the view of passersby or neighbors. This allows you to enjoy your garden without feeling exposed.


There are multiple types of garden fences and these are based on factors such as durability, materials, cost and personal preference.

Metal fencing  

These are fences that are made of materic materials ranging from aluminum, steel, iron and so on. They are often used when security is paramount because they are hard to breach. Metal fences can be ornamental or minimalist in design. They include, stainless steel fences, wire fencing, mesh panel fences, welded wire fences, chain-link fences and so on.

Wood fences

Wooden fences bring out a classic, laidback look. For them to be durable, they require strong wood. These can be customized in various styles such as trellis fencing, woven panel fences, pickets, rustic driftwood fencing, pallet fencing, vinyl fences, composite.

Concrete Fences

These types of fences are sturdy and durable as they play a vital role in offering security and privacy. They can be textured or formed into various patterns such as stone, marble and so on.

Decorative fences

These are fences that are constructed in form of a cage and can be filled up with different materials that are attractive such as stone, wood, plastic to create a modern, elegant and industrial fence for your home. They include tire fences, Gabion fences.

Natural plant fences

These are sustainable and eco-friendly fences that are sustainable for creating a visually appealing barrier for your home. They use living plants like shrubs or hedges and bamboo to create a natural or tropical barrier as they offer both privacy and greenery. They includes hedge fences, bamboo fencing and so on.

Putting in minds that different fences have different installation processes Gwamoiza advises home owners to ensure having a thorough plan that accesses their needs and preferences for the intended fence while putting in mind factors like materials, purpose and style of the fence.

“Plan for your garden fence and ensure to prioritize your needs and preferences as you consider seeking professional assistance for the best results.” He says.

What to consider


Different materials have varying levels of durability. When choosing materials, home owners need to choose those that withstand weather conditions and potential wear and tear to ensure the longevity of the fence.

Further still, as materials have distinct maintenance needs, homeowners need to select materials aligning with their willingness and ability to perform maintenance tasks. For instance, vinyl / metal require minimal maintenance while wood may need periodic staining/ painting.

“Ecofriendly conscious homeowners may prioritize eco-friendly materials, options like bamboo or composite materials made from recycled components as these offer sustainable alternatives.” Gwamoiza tips.


Fences contribute to the protection and safety of the property and its occupants. As a home owner, it is essential to choose fences that have solid fences with no transparency as these provide privacy and deter trespassers. This can be done by opting for taller fences that discourage intruders.

Additionally, while having features like smooth surfaces, anti-climb spikes, or pointed finials can act as deterrents, with the advancement in technology, considering integrating surveillance measures, such as security cameras or motion-activated lights can enhance overall property security.

“While no fence is entirely a guarantee for security, a comprehensive security plan like adding lighting to the fence not only improves aesthetics but also provides a well-rounded approach to property protection,” he says.


This involves practices that require you as a home owner to keep the fence in good condition overtime. As cleaning methods may vary basing on the material of the fence chosen and the climate conditions, it is essential to regularly carry out maintenance to prevent costly repairs that come with aged fences.

Some of the maintenance practices include painting and adjusting hardware such as bolts, screws for metal fences, trimming vegetation around natural plant fences to prevent overgrowth, reducing the risk of damage and ensuring adequate airflow.


When choosing the right garden fence, you will be required to consider factors like labor, materials like metal/ wood, length and height of your desired fence, decorative elements, maintenance, security measure as influencers.

However, putting in mind that that cost elements depend on what you want to achieve, avoiding complexity will help you manage your budget.

This is why it is therefore important to establish a plan and draw a budget that can accommodate materials, installation expenses while and having a future plan for maintenance of your fence.