What to consider when buying a fleece blanket

Synthetic fleece blankets are cozier than other normal blankets and they allow you to breathe. PHOTO/.walmart.com

What you need to know:

  • Fleece blankets are multipurpose, come in different sizes and shades that can easily add colour to any room when placed in the right spot.

Fleece blankets are a type of lightweight and anti-perspiration blankets that allow moisture to evaporate while blocking the humidity from the outside (breathable). 
Although the term fleece is associated with the wool of sheep, this blanket is not necessarily woolen; otherwise, it would be denser, the opposite of the result one may want to achieve.
Carolyn Busingye, the proprietor of household goods shop, The Duvet Lady says that these blankets are often used for different purposes. 

They can be used for decorative purposes as a throw blanket hanging over the chair, adding some elegance to the living room or even one’s bed.
This does not rule out the fact that one can easily snuggle under one on a chilly evening while watching TV, or having a light moment with visitors or family.
They are a perfect option too when you are seated out, probably camping and you want to cover yourself to prevent mosquitoes from biting you.
Fleece blankets come in colourful shades that can easily add colour to any room when placed in the right spot.

Things to consider beforebuying a fleece blanket

The size comes into play depending on the person you are buying the fleece for.  If it is for a child, one may want to get the smaller size meant for children and the reverse is true. 
They come in small, medium, and large sizes. However, because they are not purposely made for the bed as the main blanket. 
Even a 6X6-sized fleece may not fully cover a 6X6 bed. To use it on the bed therefore, it needs to be on top of a duvet, with the intention of adding some colour or glamour into your bedroom. Others use it as an extra for an extremely chilly night for more warmth but less weight.

Some blankets are heavier than others. This mainly depends on the material used and the blanket’s purpose. 
According to downlinens, microfleece, a type of synthetic fleece, is the most lightweight (or thinnest) polar fleece. This may not provide much warmth on very cold nights but is perfect for covering oneself while you watch your favorite show, or even outside by the fireplace. 
Also, since one cannot determine which synthetic fleece blankets are thicker than others, one may have to look for fleece blankets that are designed for very cold nights or that have a number in their name (like 100 or 200). In the scale of synthetic fleeces, 100 is the step up from microfleece and is followed by 200, which is probably the warmest number you’ll see. 
However, because some companies use the term “microfleece” to describe the feel of the fabric, one may have to always read the item description to see what uses are recommended for the blanket of one’s choice.

According to Busingye, some blankets are prone to pilling and shedding. These can therefore, attract fur from other clothes if washed together. So they will either leave fur or pick strands from other clothes, making them look unpleasant in the long run. It is therefore, important to look for the high-quality fleece to remove those tendencies.
“Although polar fleece is generally made from petroleum products, it is possible to buy high-quality recycled fleece,” downlinen. 

The edge stitch  
Busingye says that looking at the edges of the blanket will help you know if it will last or not. The more stitches the blanket has, the stronger the blanket will be.
Synthetic fleece blankets are cozier than other normal blankets and they allow you to breathe. This makes them a perfect option for people with allergies or asthmatic since they do not shed fluff that would end up going into one’s nose.
They can be used on top of a duvet during cold weather and work perfectly alone during hot weather. They are light, which make it easy to carry around for camping or even embarking on a journey to a family reunion (provides an extra blanket).

According to Busingye, high quality second-hand fleece blankets range from Shs80, 000 to Shs100, 000 depending on the size and where one buys the blanket.
Brand new blankets range from Shs120, 000 to Shs140, 000 and can go up to Shs200, 000 depending on where they are imported from.