Employers tasked to improve employee’s wellbeing 

 Staff members from Gebeya Inc. A venture-backed Pan- African Freelance Talent Marketplace

Human resource management experts in Africa, have urged employers to prioritise improving the well being of their workforce to expand their level of productivity.
Ms Jemima Karugu, the Head of Talent and Human Capital growth African Foundation Nairobi Kenya said, employers should be in position to promote the mental, financial and physical well being of employees.
“Employees’ well being is paramount to the future of work in 2023. In the awake of the Covid-19 pandemic, many employees are more aware of and demand well being as a minimum from their employers,” Karungu said
She noted that employees’ well being can be mental, which involves leveraging solutions to provide mental support to struggling employees with a greater emphasis on work- life balance.

In addition, Karungu said employees’ well being rotates around finances and physical well being.
“They need to feel financially secure in case of any eventuality. Physically, employees are also looking for a more inclusive workplace that promotes well being and healthy habits that will shape the human resource key trends in Africa,” Karungu said.
Mr Vincent Folasele Akinloose, the Team Leader, Faculty of Management at FCMB, a leading commercial Bank in Nigeria said with increased workforce, mobility and depletion of skilled talent pool in Africa, human resource managers must rise to this challenge through strategic hiring and continuous training.
Folasele also emphasized the need for considering diversity, equity and inclusion to check staff turnover.
Mr Dominic Ryan, the Managing Director of DWR Expatriate and Executive Search in Ghana, Nigeria and West Africa noted that nurturing of the domestic workforce would bring executives up to a higher standard and reduce demand for external placements.
Adelesola Awofeso, the Human Resource lead at AXXela Group, sub-Saharan Africa’s leading oil power portfolio company said most times, employees migrate from one place to another due to a number of reasons including, the quality of life and economic gains that they anticipate to get from their new workplace and that these are some of the key issues employers should look into to retain their talents.  

Gebeya explained that a healthy feedback culture is also critical. 
Tosin Ajayi, HRBP at Reelfruit added,” Irrespective of the number of years any employee stays on a job, people leaders should ensure that employees have good employee experience that will help their brand.
“Organizations should see training intervention as a contribution such that this would enrich the overall professional market with competent hands. People will keep scouting for better opportunities, but you could keep them as your veterans”Ajayi said.
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