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What you need to know:

  • Important. Most times we cry over ourselves and blame stress for our troubles. But, stress could be an important aspect of our lives that could be a motivation for improving, especially in regard to weaknesses manifested within us.

While one is trying to beat deadlines and perform their best, there is always a hitch of stress resulting from workload, failing to beat deadlines, infuriating clients, and at times even being idle.
On the flipside, there is a knack that comes with all the whining about stressful moments.

Benefits of stress
While many think stress interferes with productivity at work, it sometimes challenges individuals to work harder.

“Stress is not always detrimental. One needs to appreciate that going through stress makes them better. It is important because it stimulates the thinking process in a bid to want to overcome the stress factor,” Jane Nuwagaba, a psychologist, says, adding that in most cases, stress is desirable because it drives us into action as opposed to being in a comfort mode all the time.

“A number of people will complain of stress due to heavy workload and working overtime or during unplanned hours. However, workload stress could be a motivation,” explains Nuwagaba.
Denis Byarugaba, a consultant, says stress stimulates thinking and allows one to concentrate on a given task.

“There will not be time for chit-chat and social media. The pressure will force workers to concentrate and eventually accomplish their tasks,” he notes.
Besides, if there is no timeline attached to work, one would possibly find an excuse to drag to the next week or month. Stress compels individuals to finish assignments as and when they are required.

Incidentally, low levels of stress can also give us learning experiences that make us become better as we try to avoid.
For instance, workers will be forced to get to work early enough to avoid being caught up in traffic jams.

Important to note though, is stress can be only important if it’s manageable but this varies from one person to another.

Work issues not worth stressing about
There are a number of issues in most work places that are not only time wasting but not worth stressing about.

Competition is everywhere. In companies or organisations, workers silently or visibly compete with others in different ways. This can be deadly only when it hits jealousy peaks that result into malice or blackmail.

This is a normal trait for humankind. It is everywhere and almost unavoidable as long as more than two people operate in an office.
“Instead of worrying about what others are talking behind your back, especially if it’s not constructive, move on and clear your desk of pending assignments,” says Flavia Zzimula, the accounts assistant, at WMC Africa.

Lack of control
Certain workers feel under utilised or ignored in work spaces, sometimes due to some differences. This is as a result of their superiors or colleagues acting as though they are in control of things.
“Colleagues will want to show or prove control over others. This should be the least of your problems. It only leads to low self esteem, “explains Zzimula.

Physical relations and discrimination
Physical relations and discrimination at work can lead to stress if not ignored.
“For instance, if others are close to the bosses, this should not bring you stress just do your work well. A number of people tend to discriminate against others for personal reasons.

It could be difference in style of dress or salary ranks. Usually, when workers pay attention to these small details, they tend to lose focus and eventually divert from their goals,” says Betty Ajilong, manager Aramex.

Intimidation from your boss or workmates if not ignored can lead to under or poor performance. Workers should desist from worrying about it because it is common.
“In the end, the best way to stay stress- free at work is to expect less. Do not expect respect from others or give you favours,” says Ajilong.

That said, a number of situations at work are not worth stressing about. It is important to appreciate our differences because of diverse personalities, exposure and grooming.
People are so different in nature and thus ways of behaviour and relating are different.


Important. Everyone has different stress triggers. Work stress tops the list, according to surveys.
Causes of work stress include:
. Being unhappy in your job
. Having a heavy workload or too much responsibility
. Working long hours
. Having poor management, unclear expectations of your work, or no say in the decision-making process
. Working under dangerous conditions
. Being insecure about your chance for advancement or risk of termination
. Having to give speeches in front of colleagues
. Facing discrimination or harassment at work, especially if your company isn’t supportive.