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Spare ribs, one of the dishes served at Ewooma Pork Joint. PHOTO | KADUMUKASA KIRONDE II

What you need to know:

  • Review. Ewooma Pork Joint  has a great pork specialty but they ought to improve on a few things, writes A. Kadumukasa Kironde II.

Late 2019, when Ewooma pork joint opened shop on Rubaga Road next to the Uganda Red Cross Society. This was just before the Covid-19 pandemic had set in taking its toll on many businesses in the nation. At that time during our frequent walks in the neighbourhood including on Rubaga Road in those difficult times, Ewooma seemed to have weathered the storm rather well and for them it was business as usual save for the curtailed hours of operation. To the veritable pork lovers, nothing short of death would deter them from going to Ewooma pork joint.  For those who have not as yet been to this place, unlike the usual run of the mill Kampala pork which tend to be dreary and dishevelled, Ewooma despite having semi-permanent structures, is well-spaced out and airy, with different partitions allowing customers to chow down on wonderfully prepared pork in relative comfort compared to the norm. They have also set up an area that is specifically for the consumption of malwa which seems popular in the evening and we are of the view that this sort of move is bound to attract the would be malwa drinkers who normally would not have the pleasure eating pork on hand while pursuing their favourite drink.      

The letdown

Three years down the road and there is still no ceiling in place, though when we were there last week the parking yard was being paved with stone slates which are an alternative to pavers more durable. Nile Breweries has also branded the place with their presence and bold artwork.   Notwithstanding, the place is an amazing crowd puller and on this Sunday, the place was packed to the rafters to the point where besides diners sharing tables, others were using benches as tables for eating. Now this I must say is a big letdown.  

The plus

However, I was favourably impressed with the boiled pig’s trotters soup, albeit over salted. A great item that goes down very well with pork lovers who are probably hung over from the previous night. Speaking of which, it is not every day that one comes across such a delicacy in such a place and it begs the question as to why they do not go the whole hog (if you will pardon the pun) and divvy up pork chitterlings, or pig snout, ears and tails. I would be their first customer and within no time people would form a bee line for these rare delicacies that pork lovers in Europe enjoy.  

Tasty delicacies

The ribs are always tender and tasty while at the same time reasonably lean and for Shs22,000 a kilo are an absolute steal. One can always order for pork chops at no extra cost though they would have to be ordered in advance. We have dined at this place many a time and we have always been impressed by the consistency of the meat being succulent and delicious. I suspect that they par boil the meat at a gentle simmer for a short while and then the final grilling before serving.  Whatever the case the results are awesome.  


In terms of service and generally what clients expect of an eatery, Ewooma leaves a lot to be desired. The best words to describe the place is poorly organised. The waiting staff should wear uniforms including the ones who do the grilling. Speaking of which, a simple room divider to shield the roasting area and serving kitchen from the diners would enable more privacy than the way things are done today. As for those food handlers who plate the roasted meats, if only they would wear disposable food handling gloves what a relief it would be hygiene wise.   Turnaround time is excellent and the consistency of the quality is always assured.