At the crossroads: would you use a sex doll?

Cross between a human and a robot: Samantha, a sex doll, was introduced on the world market in September 2017. She is a robot who has been programmed with some human characteristics. Her creater, Dr Sergio Santos, believes it is only a matter of time before robots take over the world. NET PHOTOS

From childhood, boys are brought up to become strong men. In fact, from the choice of toys, they are made to embrace their inner monster – for instance, while girls get to own dolls of Sophia the First, boys get trucks, Iron Man, or Bat Man action figures.

Yet, as the world keeps evolving, with technology achieving things we once thought of as fantasies, men – and not boys – are being groomed to warm up to dolls. Well, bigger dolls called Samantha, not Barbie.

Samantha is a technology creation that merges both features of a doll and a robot to provide sexual pleasure to her male owners. What makes Samantha a hit on the Western scene is that she is not simply plastic or rubber, but is a hyper realistic sex doll that comes with silicone skin and sensors in her face, hands, breasts, and genitals.

Samantha’s uses
Samantha can be seduced, is interactive, and responds to voices, as well as touch. She is programmed to remember her owner’s birthday, best movie, books, music, and preferred sex position. She can be made to feel as warm as real flesh, can moan, and can have an orgasm.

The doll is a creation of Dr Sergi Santos, an electronic engineer. The 39-year-old says his kinky creation has three sex personas – romantic, calm, and nasty. Of course, having had to try out Samantha for quality control, Dr Santos says she helped him when his sex drive was higher than that of his wife.

Much as Samantha was created for erotic purposes, she is also programmed to engage in conversations on philosophy, science and animals, and has a repertoire of 1000 jokes. This whole package will set one back $3,300 (Shs12.2m).

In the African context
Brian Ssemanda, a sex therapist in Kampala, says Samantha has not yet reached the Ugandan market. “I keep receiving several calls from men, asking if I have the doll in stock. I do not and I am not planning to, despite the demand. I do not advocate for men to use it because I am family and relationship oriented.”

Ssemanda adds that he discourages his clients from using sex toys to spice up their sex life. “I instead teach them how to have better sex.”

According to Kojja Ibrahim Ssematimba, the main reason men look at sex dolls as an alternative is because relationships are becoming harder to manage.

“These days, a woman comes into your life and wants to boss you around. Most men avoid arguing for the sake of peace in the relationship. However, the moral and cultural fibre is fast decaying thanks to the poor leadership we have. If the country continues down this path of moral degeneration, men will definitely buy sex dolls.”

In September 2017, Samantha made her debut at the Arts Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria. The outing, however turned nasty when she broke down after being groped and molested by men who handled her breasts irresponsibly.

Incomparable to human beings
Joseph Musalo, a counselling psychologist condemns the use of the doll. “It is like the masturbation tools that are being used. One may think the tool will give him satisfaction but that is false satisfaction. You cannot compare it to a human being. It is likely to increase levels of addiction and indiscipline. “

He adds that one can manufacture parts to imitate a woman’s actions but they do not give the actual genuine feeling. “Even if it talks, at the back of your mind you know you are dealing with a doll not a human being. The companionship from a human cannot be replaced because you cannot even discuss issues with it. It is just for sex. But relationships are not all about sex.”

The counselling psychologist adds that today, our morals are gone and because the doll will not bother or stress someone like a human being would do, people are seeking an easy way out.

“Relationships are having challenges. Quite a number of things can happen, people meet but due to the different personalities each one of them has, they clash. However, there is need for patience and self-control, understanding each other and demonstrating love.”

When contacted on phone, the chairperson of the Pornography Control Committee, Dr Annette Kezaabu, said “Those people who have those things (sex dolls), it is actually wrong (sic). It is against the act of…let them read the Anti-Pornography Act of 2014.”

If the doll came to Uganda

Oh my God! I would not go for a sex doll since I am an African who gives a lot of credit to my culture. The introduction of sex dolls intends to destroy our cultures. We all know God created Adam and Eve and this means a man will only need a natural woman. Then, why sex dolls?
Sharif Nsubuga,
Procurement trainee

I would go for it since I have experienced many heartbreaks. It is submissive, available, does not have stress or emotional attachments and family engagements. Women are no longer trustworthy yet we invest money, time, and love in them. I would be the first person get a sex doll but I would not advise those who do not have children to buy it.
Muhamoud Kagimu,

This is dehumanising and sex abuse. It manifests into abusing the knowledge and high level of invention that God has given them (scientists). Yes, ladies may be stressful, but one needs a wife to have children. In times of sickness, would this doll nurse a man? You cannot ran away from a stubborn wife to seek solace in a sex doll.
Rev Father Joseph Kasangaki, PRO, Masaka Diocese.

I would not go for it because it is very costly for poor men who also desire to have intimate relations with a doll. A sex doll cannot become pregnant and therefore, it seems like wasting yourself away without seeing any fruit. She might be programmed to be romantic but she cannot support your dreams or give you financial and moral support.
Marvin Kimera,

No, I would not go for it because I do not think it is good idea for me to make a sex doll my wife. Sex and relationships are supposed to be natural with human beings but not with an artificial doll which is controlled by someone.

Godfrey Okaa,

I sincerely admire the graciousness in that doll. However, I decline its generosity and adamantly argue that however intelligent it is, it cannot match my desires. I want a companion who can understand my character instead of having to give her commands. What if the doll has mood swings?
Stephen Bukenya,
IT expert

These magical sex dolls have really inspired and motivated me to purchase one if it reaches the Ugandan market. I think a sex doll is submissive and ready for someone, with no mood variations and hormonal imbalances. It is cheaper than having a wife and can be left at home to wait for her owner. She will not go out to search for other men.
Derick Jjuuko,

God created man and then, Eve from his rib implying that two were meant to be companions. A sex doll is not human. It actually devalues African culture. Women outnumber men. So, buying sex dolls, will increase lesbianism in the country. If people feel that their partners are not sexually satisfying them, they should take them to ssengas and kojjas.
Wilson Kutamba,
Social worker

I would not go for a sex doll. It is silly and cannot replace human pleasure. God created humans differently and our sexual responses are naturally fulfilling. I am already sexually attached to my wife and it would be unnatural to have sexual intercourse with a doll or robot.
Edward Bindhe,
Communications manager

I would not go for it because I respect my culture and religion. I strongly feel those dolls are introduced by Whites to spoil our culture. I do not think I can embrace silly Western cultures. A sex doll cannot cook, do house chores, or take children to school. It can only destroy and split your family.
Robert Nsubuga,
News reporter

Sex dolls destroy marriage
There are several concerns regarding sex dolls and robots. While some say they can provide companionship for lonely men and those who have trouble forming attachments, others point out they can be a gateway to greater perversions.
For example, some manufacturers seek to produce childlike sex dolls for pedophiles.

The aim is to provide people with a sexual attraction to children with an outlet to prevent them from abusing children. However, others fear the dolls will encourage people to act out on their fantasies with real people.

But why are people developing sex robots anyway? The goal is to reduce the birthrate to negative numbers. Sex robots will be deployed as substitutes for spouses, compelling men and women to seek the companionship of a device instead of their spouse

The sex dolls and robots are simply one more step on the road to perdition. As we debase ourselves using sophisticated machines, they will be used to further normalise deviant sexual behaviour.
Marriage will be eroded, relationships destroyed, and birth rates will decline.

Compiled by Shamim J. Nakawooya