Covid-19 has changed us

Sunday September 12 2021

Covid-19 negatively impacted on many sectors.

By Nafha Maani Ebrahimi

I was listening to some reports about the latest figures concerning the status of Covid-19 in the United States of America, it was mentioned that the number of infections have surged compared to the same period last year, this includes the number of infections, hospitalisation, and death rates.

It is very interesting that while we all thought that vaccination is helping conquer the virus, the virus seems to be conquering us, the only difference is that it seems we are getting used to it and have finally accepted to live with this new reality.

The airports are opening up, a vaccination card and or a PCR with negative results are a must for travel, Masks are still obligatory, but not the way some people are wearing them, with half of the nose out, and it seems we use less sanitisers than before, there is no more panic, hence the increase.

I remember the pre Covid-19 time, towards the end of the winter and with the beginning of spring, televisions were folded with advertisements about certain diets to loose weight and prepare for the bikini to come out of the drawers, well, it’s no longer the case, people just want to come out and party. 

On the beach, it’s reveal time, curves and additional cellulite are not a concern, we are alive and well, seems the  be the current theme. 

Resorts, hotels and restaurants that have been badly hit by the crisis are now opening doors, and the same staff who were otherwise on a nagging mode, are all smiles again, grateful for the flow of cash in their bank account, after a long drought, some rain is much appreciated.


The first flight we took after Covid-19 eased up was with KLM, the Plane had few passengers, but the hostess was so happy that with a joyful tone she told us how happy she was to see passengers again, this wasn’t the case on our last pre Covid-19 flight with them.

It also brings to mind the pre world financial crisis of 2008-2009, I remember whenever we traveled to Dubai, we used to wait so long in the hot Arabian sun for a Taxi to stop for us, some even asked you for destination before accepting to take you or not, which is not allowed. During the crisis, Dubai became a ghost town, and during those days, we had a chat with an Egyptian driver who was overwhelmed to finally get a passenger. I reminded him of the days they were kings of the roads, and we were the beggars, and how the situation has changed now, he said indeed we did not appreciate what we had and we are paying the price. 

It is interesting our world, and even more interesting are it’s citizens who turn and shape with its every change.