Facing covid-19 away from home - Dr Atuhebwe

Phionah Lynn Atuhebwe

What you need to know:

  • Beating the virus. If there was one thing that wasn’t on Dr Phionah L. Atuhebwe’s mind at the beginning of March, it must have been her birthday celebrations later in May. She had never anticipated she would spend the day in a small plastic hospital in Berlin, celebrating a rare milestone, surviving coronavirus, writes Andrew Kaggwa.

Phionah Lynn Atuhebwe, for those that have interacted with her say, her straightfoward and life of a party nature give an impression that she is always on the highway of happiness. The New Vaccines Introduction Medical Officer at the World Health Organisation (WHO) regional office for Africa in Congo-Brazzaville is known for sharing nuggets from her work which seems to keep her on the move, and general life experiences- that range from her childhood to school days and everything travel.
However, her personal confrontation with coronavirus disease(Covid-19) was a life-changing experience.


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