Our love defied the distance between us

What you need to know:

  • Sealed. Charles and Claire Ndyamuhaki tied the knot on July 29. Despite the distance during courtship, they kept the candle burning regardless, writes Olivier Mukaaya.

Charles and Claire crossed paths through Charles’s sister, who attended the same school as Claire. From the moment the two met, there was a connection that, for them, was the beginning of both a friendship and a love story. But there was a catch: Charles worked in Mbale, and Claire, on the other hand, was on another side of the country, Fort Portal.

Her grace, wit, and serenity enthralled Charles and constantly stirred his heart. On the other hand, Claire was astounded by his appearance and impressed by his dedication and commitment. His willingness to regularly travel from Mbale to Fort Portal to see her deepened her affection for him.

They started utilising various means of communication to bridge the distance. The two dated for three years before deciding to tie the knot.

Charles’s proposal to Claire was simple yet unique—an intimate moment between them.

Introduction/wedding preparations

With their conviction of being right for each other, Charles and Claire prepared for their introduction, affirming their readiness to embark on married life. Their wedding took place on July 29th, 2023, after three months of meticulous planning.

The wedding ceremony was a beautiful celebration of their love, filled with joy and laughter. Friends and family gathered to witness their union, creating memories that would last a lifetime.

Claire expressed heightened anxiety leading up to the big day, struggling to sleep the night before due to nervousness. The photographer captured every moment as they dressed for the occasion.

Charles admitted to anxiety at the church due to the bride’s delay, momentarily fearing a change of heart. However, relief washed over him when he saw her in the priest’s room, calming his nerves.

He described her entrance into the church with her father as the highlight, praising the choir for their outstanding performance of Runyankole Rukiga hymns. The exchange of vows marked a poignant moment for him.

Due to the delay, they rushed through the photography session to reach the reception on time. The groom’s suit and bride’s gown garnered admiration, making their wedding a remarkable success.

Despite a brief rain interruption around 10 p.m., the celebration continued with abundant food and drinks until midnight. The variety of beverages, including traditional drinks like Enturire and Ajono (Malwa), remained a topic of conversation in the town.

The couple managed their wedding without a planner, crediting their exceptional organising committee. Arnsville Apparel dressed the groom. Charles chose his childhood friend, Engineer Jude Benda, as his best man. Cathy Ebonu was Claire’s matron because of their strong friendship.

Most of the advice the couple was given was about prioritising God, planning together, expressing gratitude, and avoiding violent tendencies.

Memorable moment

The scene of Claire’s father escorting her into the church and the vow exchange continued to be the highlights for Charles. Claire cherished the moment her father walked her in, feeling blessed and special, despite the urge to cry, cautious not to ruin her makeup.


Post-wedding, they embarked on their honeymoon in Kalangala District, at Victoria Forest Resort Kalangala. Exploring different places, including the island, marked their joyful experience.


Charles advised young men to be hardworking, focused, prayerful, marry early, take responsibility, and stay faithful. Claire urged young women to prioritise God, trust in His timing, and remain steadfast.


Groom: Mr. Ndyamuhaki Charles

Bride: Mrs. Claire Ndyamuhaki

Church: St. Austin

Celebrant: Father Arinaitwe Ignatius

Venue: Wash and Will Hotel

Guests: 700

Budget: Over 130 million

Theme Colors: Lilac and Pink