Uganda has one of the smallest churches globally

What you need to know:

Church of wonders: Nebbi District hosts one of the world’s tiniest churches. Joseph Kato spoke to some people who say they have seen miracles at the church

Did you know that Uganda has one of the smallest churches in the world? This church is found in Nebbi district in the north west of Uganda. This church is located on Biku hill about 18km drive from the town of Nebbi in the North West of Uganda.

This church stands at a width of about 2.5m and a height of 8ft. The tiny worshipping place accommodates three people including the priest.

Its history dates back to 1996 when a Korean national Pastor Song in conjunction with the retired Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, Henry Luke Orombi established this amazing structure that has in turn picked the interest of many tourists.

Around this church are nine prayer points whihc allow people to pray, praise and meditate on the word of God. The first prayer point is on top of the hill and is formed of a big cross.

The second point is a Lilliputian building crafted in commemoration of Jesus Christ with 12 windows in the western and eastern sides demonstrating the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ and its where pilgrims pray for the neighboring countries of Congo, Sudan, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya for spiritual peace and revival.

This point offers the impressive panoramic views of Namrwodho Falls which is a habitat to the rare Shoebill stork that is always on the lists of travellers. The point three is crafted in the map of Africa with two entrances. It features 10 windows symbolizing the Ten Commandments.

The point is dedicated for praying for the all African states especially Islamic countries. The points 4, 5 and 6 are positioned with in a spacious calm garden with point four crafted like a heart demonstrating Christ’s love with a cross made of 33 stones signifying the 33 years of Christ Jesus.

The point five is in the shape of arrow head signifying the youth speed while prayer point five contains 66 windows that demonstrate 66 books of the bible with 39 windows at the back signifying the books of Old Testament and 27 windows signifying the New Testament.

The point has three doors crafted like a standing man demonstrating those who are well equipped with God’s word. The six prayer point is crafted in an alter shape which is a living testimony that church is a living offering to Christ’s mission while the rough stones on the cross justify that Christians are living stones.

The point seven is a round structure like the shape of the globe and is located at the back of a towering rock with an open ended cave at its base of which one is obliged to crawl from end to another to have a glimpse of Christ’s suffering where a tourist find this five minute crawl through the cave’s darkness terrifying with a thought that the cave might collapse and bury him/her underneath.

At the point eight there comes the world’s smallest church – the Bethel church with 12 windows at its entrance demonstrating the 12 stones on Aaron’s breast plate i.e. the 12 tribes of all the saints.
The ceiling contain seven beams demonstrating the seven rainbow colors which demonstrates God’s covenant never to destroy the world with floods again, the eastern window offers sights of cross positioned on the highest peak at point two a view that gives the Christians an opportunity to always look up to Jesus.

The midpoint is meant for spiritual healing for persons and church groups where by people who visit the site encounter God in a special way, have vision for their future and become bold soldiers for the gospel.

What is amazing about this structure is that regardless of its size, it consumed 79 cement bags and was constructed with intention of lasting at minimum 500 years before the weakening of the foundation.

What people say about this amazing church?
Bob Wanok, a bus tout at Arua Park in Kampala says he has always heard people saying the church was constructed by a Chinese national with a hidden intention. When asked what the intent could be, Wanok hesitates saying he fears to annoy the staunch believers.

“I am 23 years old. I first heard about that church when I was in Primary Five in 2005. I was enticed to go and visit the place. I went there with my friends in 2010. I was amazed by the style it was constructed but I did not see the miracles people say happen when you are there,” Wanok said.

Alice Apio, 19, whom I found sitting on her luggage at Arua Park said she has visited the church more than five times. “I am a resident of Nebbi town. I heard about that church in 2000. In 2003, I went there with my sister to pray because she had constant stomachache. We spent there two days and she got healed.”

Bernard Oryem says he was born in Nebbi district but he has never bothered to visit the church. However, he says he has always heard people saying there is healing power on that hill. “I cannot deny or confirm whether there is a spiritual power because I have never worshipped from there,” he remarks.