Ungrateful Koboko voters should seek Anite’s pardon otherwise...

What you need to know:

  • Anite must have felt we were seeking her comments on allegations that she had snatched back an ambulance she had donated to the constituency after losing the Koboko seat to some rookie doctor.

State minister for Investment and Privatisation Evelyn Anite on Wednesday declined to respond to this column despite several rings from us. She switched off her phone at the third of our incessant ring.

Anite must have felt we were seeking her comments on allegations that she had snatched back an ambulance she had donated to the constituency after losing the Koboko seat to some rookie doctor.
But that is not the reason for our incessant calls. Actually, we sympathise with Anite; we wanted to offer her pro bono advice on what more she can do to teach those Koboko voters a lesson.

It’s actually cheap and demeaning to withdraw an ambulance and stop at that. If Anite had consulted earlier, by now all the mothers who gave birth after receiving help from Anite like being transported in her ambulance would be screaming in pain as midwives insert back into their wombs the babies they delivered.

You see, Anite, when you decide to be bad, be really bad. You don’t just withdraw an ambulance and refuse to talk. The ‘Kobokoans’ need to be taught a lesson in humility. They need to learn to never abuse the generosity and sacrifice of selfless leaders like you.

There is this road to Dramadri’s village. You constructed it. As a lesson, you should have sent bulldozers to remove and carry that road and many others in Koboko back to your home in Kampala.
When the Kobokoans wake up and find that they cannot go to the local market because there is neither a road nor the market itself – you would have relocated it to your expansive compound in Kampala --, they would realise their mistakes.

When you start, you must reduce ungrateful ingrates to their knees. Make them call you “Mama” when they realise that the pit-latrines you constructed have grown anthills and that the water taps and boreholes have been dismantled.

Then you hire Russian medical consultants to ensure that all the anti-malarial drugs these chaps received because of your efforts are retrieved from their bloodstream. It doesn’t matter how, the doctors would find a way to withdraw everything to the smallest pint.

What kind of voters are these Kobokoans? They cannot even realise that the President only visited the area because of you. Can you imagine they forgot that without you, Koboko would be a village in South Sudan?

Before your leadership, the area only boasted of a handful of yawning bandits. But you brought in the majje and they now have soldiers in the area, thanks to your sacrifice and generosity.
Now you have withdrawn a mere ambulance as if you haven’t learnt from history. Just not far from Koboko in Padyere once stood a politician called Patrick Okumu-Ringa.

On August 10, 2018, the former State minister for Public Service found himself on CNN being flashed to the world as a disgruntled politician who had suffered a defeat in parliamentary elections and reacted by dismantling boreholes he had commissioned while in office.
Okumu-Ringa dismantled around 10 boreholes and told locals to find another source of water.

These voters do not appreciate anything. Why should you continue being nice to them by withdrawing only an ambulance? Do you want your political career to wilt like Okumu-Ringa’s because you didn’t teach the voters enough lessons on how to show appreciation?
Okumu-Ringa did only dismantle boreholes and the next thing he was in the news for being thrown out of a house he was renting in lower Naguru for failing to pay rent for four years.

For years, Okumu-Ringa spent his earnings in constructing boreholes and doing all sorts of things for Nebbi and not his own house. Then they threw him out. He only dismantled 10 boreholes and couldn’t sell them to raise rent of four years.

Anite, be careful. That ambulance cannot save you if things turn the Okumu-Ringa way as Kobokoans would then have the last laugh.
Why give them such joy when they should be at your feet wailing in penitence?