Career expo: Nkozi varsity students get job tips, skills

Ms Joan Ssewali, an official from the National Social Security Fund,  addresses students of Uganda Martyrs University, Nkozi, during a career expo on April 24.  PHOTO/MALIK FAHAD JJINGO

What you need to know:

  • Students are expected to acquire skills needed in the job market. 

Experts have tipped students of Uganda Martyrs University, Nkozi, to prepare themselves for the competitive job market in the country.
Mr David Kahwa, the compliance manager at  Absa Bank, said students should always write down their plans so that they can easily follow them up and ensure that they are implemented.

  “Planning is key and putting your plans into writing is important even before you leave the university, have a plan and always do your best to ensure that you attain this plan,” Mr Kahwa told students at Uganda Martyrs University during a career expo last Wednesday.
The expo was organised by the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) in partnership with Nation Media Group (NMG), Pepsi, and Absa Bank, among other partners, under the theme “Discover your purpose”.

 He said it was unfortunate that several people in Uganda do not plan yet to be successful in life, one needs to have a proper plan of what one needs to achieve.
He also asked students to acquire skills that will make them stand out in the crowd of jobseekers, adding that skilled people will always have somewhere to work.

“Acquire more skills even after the university because the skills you get from the universities are not enough to make you stand out in the competitive job market, skilled people will always be needed by employers, and always offer yourself for opportunities because this will help you develop some of the soft skills that you cannot get from anywhere,” he added.

Ms Joan Mugenzi, a motivational speaker, who was the keynote speaker, warned students against surrounding themselves with people who do not add value to them.
“Always avoid negative energy, stay focused and pursue your goals,” she said.
Ms Joanne  Bagandaswa Ssewali, an official in the legal department at NSSF, advised students to define their purpose and do self-discovery and reflection, saying people who live with purpose can never fail in life.

 “Know who you are and what you stand for, how you can overcome your weaknesses and always live by that, of course there are different career paths always choose the one you are passionate about and pursue it, and always get mentors that will guide you through the career you choose to take,” she added.
Ms Ssewali also asked the students to always be resilient to overcome challenges as they pursue their careers.
Mr David Busobozi, the dean of students at Uganda Martyrs University, applauded the organisers of the expo, saying their students greatly benefited from the career fare.

Mr Victor Karamagi, the senior manager of public relations at NSSF, said the expo conducted at the Uganda Martyrs University equipped the students with skills required on the job market.
He said the NSSF granted four internship opportunities to students who were successful in the quiz held during the expo on top of goodies that were won by those who were active during the engagement.