Battered, bombed and shot, but look where I am today

Oswald makes a presentation at Mount Kenya University. PHOTO BY AGENCIES

What you need to know:

I chose to live. Oswald Mwizerwa watched as his family was raped and bludgeoned to death during the Rwanda genocide. Taken to Europe to recuperate and start afresh, he demanded to be flown back home, to the consternation of his adopted parents. Years later, his life is slowly gaining meaning.

Oswald Mwizerwa, 27, wears a bright smile which, when added to his pleasant looks, reveals not an iota of what could aptly be described as his journey to hell and back. He is a survivor of the 1994 Rwanda Genocide in which an estimated one million Tutsis and their Hutu sympathisers were killed by Hutu extremists.


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