122 babies die due to neglect at health centres

Lira District speaker Martin Ocen Odyek (standing) contributes during the meeting held at Lira Regional Referral Hospital on Tuesday where the report was released. Photo by Bill Okech

What you need to know:

A health review report has revealed that children and mothers are dying as a result of not getting attention at health facilities.

Lira- District assistant health officer, Mr Edmon Acheka, has revealed that 122 babies died in the 30 health facilities across the district between May 2013 to March this year as a result of absenteeism of medical workers and non-functional theaters.

The district Health Services Review Report released this month, reveals that 15 women died within the same period in the same facilities across the district.

“These are deaths that we captured from the health facilities only. How about in the communities where we believe that a number of children and mothers are dying but not reported?” Mr Acheka, asked, while presenting the report at Lira Regional Referral Hospital boardroom on Tuesday.

Mr Acheka, reported that absenteeism of staff from their duty stations and non-functionality of theaters at some health facilities like Amach and Ogur Health Centre IVs are the root causes of the deaths.

He added that some health workers just report at their duty station, but they are not doing their job as expected, expectant mothers are not monitored in some health centres which has resulted in the deaths.

“We have observed that a number of health centres are not using pantograph, yet it key in assessing whether the mother is not able to push the baby according to the frequent examination being carried out,” Mr Acheka said.

Ms Doryn Ebong, a nursing officer at Lira Regional Referral Hospital, assured the community of quality service delivery, adding that at times they are faced by political interference while executing their duties.

Lira District speaker Martin Ocen Odyek assured health workers in the district not to fear interference.