Audio: Minister Kibuule okays rape of 'indecently dressed' women

On Tuesday, Daily Monitor ran a story titled “Indecent rape victims to blame” in which we quoted comments attributed to the Youth State Minister, Mr Ronald Kibuule at a function in Ntungamo, where he basically blamed rape victims who are indecently dressed.

As a result of the story, the minister was summoned to make a statement on the floor of Parliament on Wednesday in which he faulted the newspaper. He told the House: “I am a father, I am a leader and I am a son of a woman.

The essence of the Monitor report was that I okayed rape. That  while addressing the youth, I okayed rape of girls who put on miniskirts and that the victims of rape should not be helped.”

To set the record straight, Daily Monitor has decided to upload the audio recording of the minister’s remarks made in Ntungamo.